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Jinneng science and technology carbon black expansion production line produces qualified products

Shandong Jinneng science and technology company's 80000 ton/year carbon black expansion project has the first production line. However, new chemical materials are a real "high wealth handsome" industrial batch of qualified products. Recently, this cycle is repeated to achieve the purpose of cooling down, and the adjustable report situation line is available. After testing, all products are qualified. This marks the successful start-up of the production line, and marks the prelude to the continuous production of Jinneng phase IV project. Since its involvement in carbon black in 2008, Jinneng technology has expanded its production twice. At present, there are 6 carbon black production lines with an annual production capacity of 240000 tons. In addition, 80000 tons of white carbon black were put into operation in 2011, and the production capacity of black and white carbon black reached 320000 tons

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