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Axalta Mexico resin plant expansion project put into operation

axalta Mexico resin plant expansion project put into operation

April 26, 2016

[China paint information] a few days ago, axalta Mexico City Trane Pantera resin production plant expansion project was completed and the launch ceremony was held. The expanded Mexican plant has increased the production capacity of a variety of polymer resins, which are the key components of Ashtar's traditional solvent based coatings and a new generation of water-based coatings. Their chemical structure helps to improve the durability of the coatings, so that they can withstand the impact of climate and ultraviolet radiation

Charlie shaver, chairman and CEO of Ashtar, said that Mexico is located in one of the largest operation centers of Ashtar in the world. The smooth operation of the plant expansion project reflects that Ashtar has extensive operation and technical expertise in Mexico. Ashtar uses these expertise to design and build a comprehensive production facility, making the original world-class production plant more competitive

Mexico is the headquarters of some international giants of light vehicle and commercial vehicle original equipment manufacturers that use the integrated coating technology of Ashtar. Integrated coating technology includes primer free system and three coating and one baking system, which can realize the integrity and continuity between coatings without flash drying and baking. The improved production efficiency not only helps to produce unparalleled excellent finishes on vehicles, but also reduces customers' costs. Ashtar paint has won the favor of a large number of auto body repair plants. They widely use the global touch up paint brand products of Ashtar, such as Coriolis cromax and styrofoam standox, which have enhanced their ability to deal with trade protectionism and the restrictions of S3 phenyldimethylamine in Spitzer, as well as local touch up paint brands such as imlar, cromacryl and Ashtar's leading commercial vehicle paint imr4on

Jorge Coss í o, President of Astor Latin America, said that the scientific and innovative nature of the construction and operation of the new production center reflects the strong resource and technical strength of Astor Mexico and the full utilization of Astor's global technical resources. This plant expansion and technological upgrading will enable aishide to continue to provide high-quality products to meet customer needs

the expansion plant integrates the highest standards of engineering and safety, and adopts high-tech to realize almost complete automation of every link of the production process, which improves the operation efficiency, reduces waste, and further reduces the environmental impact of the company's operation. The whole Trane Pantera plant operates in accordance with the concept of "industria limpia (clean industry)" to reduce the impact on the environment in the process of coating production

Ms. Laura Teresa Gonzalez Hernandez, Deputy Minister of the Department of economic development of the Mexican state government, who attended the opening ceremony, said that the Mexican state's austerity experiment was conditional and played a key role in the national economic development, and she was very grateful to multinational enterprises like Astor for their confidence and support in Mexico and for building its economic and industrial infrastructure here. The government of the state of Mexico has been firmly cooperating with private enterprises to promote the two sides towards a common goal: to create more and better employment opportunities and create an environment conducive to alleviating investment difficulties, which will be of great significance to the current and even future vigorous development of Mexico

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