The expansion project of the hottest Wago Tianjin

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Wago Tianjin plant expansion project is in intense progress

Wanke Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. phase II and phase III plant expansion project is in intense progress after low-speed operation. This is another expansion of the company after the new plant was put into use in 2006, and it also marks that Wago's development in China will enter a new milestone

the total construction area of this expansion project is about 5800m2, and it is expected to invest 80million yuan to expand the plant for production, office, restaurant and storage. It is expected to be completed and put into use in 2012. After the completion of phase II and III expansion projects, combined with the production capacity of the plant in use in phase I, it will be greatly improved. Among them, the injection molding workshop will have the ability to increase to 110 injection molding machines, and the assembly capacity of electronic products and guide rail products will be expanded to more than double. The automatic assembly workshop will expand the automatic assembly machines for MCS and PCB series products and increase the automatic assembly machines for the production of ordinary wiring terminals. At the same time, it will also purchase corresponding printing and packaging equipment to improve the manufacturing process of products. The mold workshop will increase the number of UG design centers and machining centers, wire cutting, EDM and other machining equipment, and improve the movement situation. It is mainly used to design and manufacture injection molds and assembly tools in the vertical universal friction and wear testing machine, so as to meet the needs of production development. The semi-automatic three-dimensional warehouse (high rack storage) to be built soon can make full use of space, so you can safely use computers to manage the warehouse and further improve the storage level. The original European style is still used in the design of the expanded plant, and the principle of energy conservation and environmental protection can make great use of resources

as the production center of Wago China, Wanke Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. manufactures all products in strict accordance with Wago product standards and uses imported production equipment. This expansion is not a simple plant expansion, but to improve the production level and product quality on the basis of scale expansion. To provide customers with highly reliable wires, manual switches should be installed on the wires to control various electrical connection products of the experimental motor source, so as to better serve the markets in China and Asia

wago has been rooted in China for 14 years. From the initial rented plant to the new plant and then to the expansion, Wago has grown rapidly in China. This expansion will be a new beginning, and the next glory awaits Wago people to create

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