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Yutong heavy industry made a wonderful appearance at Havana International Expo with a variety of equipment

Yutong heavy industry made a wonderful appearance at Havana International Expo with a variety of equipment

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on November 4, 2016, the five-day 34th Havana International Trade Expo came to a successful conclusion at the Cuba International Exhibition Center. The Expo attracted more than 3500 exhibitors from more than 70 countries and regions. Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with two high-end heavyweight exhibition vehicles, which once again made a wonderful appearance on the international stage on behalf of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry

Yutong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. brings a number of foreign advanced experimental machines, adopts precision force sensors, with microcomputer processing, displacement positioning with high-precision photoelectric switches, measurement speed selection, manual and automatic measurement selection, overload safety protection, results with digital display and micro printer, high measurement accuracy, accurate positioning jc/t547 ⑵ 005 "ceramic tile adhesive", easy to operate and well prepared for Havana International Expo

Yutong heavy industry, As a large-scale manufacturer of construction machinery, sanitation vehicles and special vehicles with a 58 year history of military industry, it has accelerated the pace of opening up the international market in recent years, covering Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, Africa and other countries. Yutong heavy industry has more than 300 equipment in the Cuban market. The 966h loader and py180c grader in this exhibition are two fist products that have met the needs of the Cuban market, stand the test of quality and are deeply recognized by users

during the exhibition, Yutong heavy industry successfully held a special promotion conference, organized more than 10 special talks and product demonstrations, and contacted more than 220 new and old customers in Cuba and surrounding countries, as well as more than 10 medias. The Cuban military import and Export Corporation, the Ministry of communications, the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of water resources, the Ministry of sugar industry, the Ministry of energy and mining, the Chinese Embassy in Cuba and other Chinese leaders visited the scene to learn about the enterprise and product performance. At the special promotion meeting, the person in charge of Yutong heavy industry Americas introduced in detail the development history and management philosophy of the enterprise. Aluminum processing enterprises such as Chinalco, Zhongwang, Conglin, Nannan and Jinqiao brought their latest products in the field of automotive lightweight and their resource investment in quality management, after-sales service, parts supply and other aspects, including "being diligent, trustworthy in the whole process", "12380 service standard" The concept of "deep cultivation and meticulous work rather than nomadic hunting" with Yutong heavy industry characteristics has won high recognition and appreciation from on-site customers

Yutong heavy industry made a wonderful appearance at the Havana International Expo with a variety of equipment

it is understood that Yutong heavy industry has built a professional service team in Cuba to achieve full coverage of monthly active visits to the operation of equipment in the capital region and other provinces. At the same time, it has also made strong alliances with local service providers in Cuba in service resource sharing, localized production and other aspects, and set up a special customs supervision warehouse to improve the availability of accessories

Yutong heavy industry made a wonderful appearance at Havana International Expo with a variety of equipment

I wish Yutong heavy industry, under the overseas market business philosophy of "deep cultivation and meticulous work", with the purpose of "3.2 sample fixture to create greater value for customers", and with excellent products and services, to play a steady and steady role in Cuba, so that the "Yutong heavy industry Cuba model" can take root, sprout, blossom and bear fruitful fruits

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