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Yutong packaging technology plans to invest 220million to build a high-end packaging industry base in Kunming high tech Zone

electromechanical home learned: Recently, Shenzhen Yutong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. announced that in order to meet the company's future production capacity requirements, further enhance the company's core competitiveness, promote the company's sustainable development, combined with market demand and the company's own development plan, The company plans to invest RMB ABS glass fiber reinforced materials (abs+gf) in Kunming high tech Zone with its own or self raised funds, which often encounter problems such as floating fiber, too short storage length of glass fiber, poor bonding between glass fiber and matrix, etc. the company will build a high-end packaging industry base of 220million yuan, carry out the market competitiveness of consumer electronics, medicine and other consumer goods packaging, and further improve the business of R & D, design, production and sales

the report shows that the total investment of the project is 220million yuan, and the planned land area is about 55 mu. It is expected to achieve full production in 2026, and the annual output value after full production is about 220million yuan

Shenzhen Yutong Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. said that at present, the foreign packaging industry has developed towards full automation, and under the background of economic globalization and global industrial restructuring, China's traditional production and packaging industry will face greater challenges and pressures. The standardization, automation, informatization and intellectualization of packaging production are conducive to improving the overall production efficiency, reducing the dependence on personnel, and can use its own two industrialization foundation to shorten the production time, improve the delivery capacity, realize flexible production and personalized production, and finally improve the comprehensive competitiveness to adapt to the future industry and prevent the trend of technological change

based on the development plan of electronic information industry in Kunming high tech Zone and the growing business needs of Yutong, it is decided to build Kunming packaging industry base

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