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Yutong heavy industry: professionally build a "high-quality service month" for after-sales shoveling of soil

Yutong heavy industry: professionally build a "high-quality service month" for after-sales shoveling of soil

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Guide: Service + Technology, build a high-quality service month for after-sales shoveling of soil time: March 25th place: West and North Henan; South and East Henan; Zhengzhou people: after sales personnel of Yutong heavy industry shovel division event: quality service month activity of Yutong heavy industry shovel Division

people: after sales personnel of Yutong heavy industry shovel division

event: Yutong heavy industry shovel division "quality service month" activity

task: the after-sales service patrol team will carry out a one month tour service for users in the province

in order to strengthen communication between the company and users, improve user satisfaction, further understand users' real needs, provide basis for after-sales service work, and then consolidate the market, from March 25, Yutong heavy industry shovel transportation machinery division set up a special after-sales service inspection team to carry out a one month tour service for users who bought Yutong heavy industry loader in Henan Province in 2009 to make the screw not vertical to the 6-corner head and mining vehicle products during the heat treatment process

the patrol activities were divided into three groups, Northern Henan and Western Henan; Eastern Henan, Southern Henan and Zhengzhou

I. during the tour,

the West and north of Henan have always been the old market of Yutong heavy industry loaders. There are dense coal plants and gravel plants, which are a huge driving force to promote local economic development. Yutong heavy industry loaders occupy a large number of local markets with excellent performance

from March 25 to April 8, during the 15 days, Shen Shihong, the service staff responsible for the patrol activities in Western and Northern Henan, visited hundreds of loaders in Luoyang, Anyang, Jiaozuo and Xinxiang. According to the company's requirements, during the visit, through communication with users, Shen Shihong had a comprehensive understanding of the daily use of all products, and gave detailed and serious guidance to users, so that users can understand more about the correct operation and daily maintenance. At the same time, Shen Shihong also answered some operational questions raised by users in time, and demonstrated in person when necessary. It can be said that he was not free for a moment. In half a month, Shen Shihong lost a full ten kilograms of weight. But he said optimistically, "through this visit, we have deepened our feelings with users, and we have learned a lot from it, which will be of great help to the development of after-sales service in the future. Our hard work is not in vain."

Xuchang Yuzhou - Pingdingshan - Nanyang - Xinyang - Huangchuan - Anhui Madian - Zhumadian - Luohe. This is the visit itinerary of Cheng Huatao, the service staff responsible for the regional tour activities in eastern and southern Henan for half a month. Yutong heavy industry loaders are densely distributed in southern Henan. Cheng Huatao and his party are divided into several routes with regional business personnel and service station staff to visit users one by one. In half a month, they visited nearly 300 users. In addition to the operation guidance and maintenance explanation of the user's vehicles, during the patrol, the experienced Cheng Huatao also handled some construction problems for the customer users on site. "In the next half month, users in Shangqiu and Zhoukou will visit. Users in these two places are relatively scattered. We need to spend more time on the road. Time is tight and the task is heavy." Cheng Huatao told. In order to ensure the successful completion of the patrol task on time, Cheng Huatao and his party often arrange the travel time at night to save time to visit more users

the person in charge of this tour in Zhengzhou is the service personnel sunguangzhi. Although the route is relatively close, sun Guangzhi goes out early and returns late every day, shuttling between the construction site and the company, Zhengzhou urban area, suburbs, Zhongmou, Xingyang and other places. Sun Guangzhi travels back and forth several times a day in these places. The construction sites of loaders are mostly in remote areas with poor conditions, such as coal plants, mixing stations, stone quarries, etc., and it is very difficult for vehicles to drive. However, looking at the loaders with Yutong heavy industry logo everywhere, the work enthusiasm of the patrol team members is still full and high. "I have to hurry to Xingyang." It was just after eight o'clock. After a few minutes of interview, the master left in a hurry to start a new day's tour...

Second, technology participated in the research

if the after-sales service personnel addressed the symptoms and solved some specific faults for users, then the technicians were the root cause and solved the causes of the faults from the source. A highlight of this visit is that technicians actively participate in the front line of users, through face-to-face communication with users, zero distance contact with construction machines, understand the performance of the company's products, and learn from each other's strengths to better carry out technological innovation and improvement

Duan Gong, a technician from Yutong heavy industry control institute, and Li Gong participated in the tour together. Their first stop was Jiaozuo in western Henan and Xinxiang in Northern Henan, focusing on Huixian County in Xinxiang, a dense area of Yutong heavy industry 30 model loaders. Through this visit, they collected the specific problems reflected by users and after-sales service personnel, which retained a strong basis for product improvement. At the same time, they also paid special attention to the use of hydraulic oil, and sampled and analyzed the hydraulic oil according to its working time and color

in the next half month, along with the patrol route, technicians will go to Nanyang, Sanmenxia and other places to investigate the relevant situation of natural cooling 50 model loaders

3. PE is often used to make fine caliber hoses for the connection of water purifiers. 3. Users respond positively

each member participating in the patrol activities carries a form, namely "user satisfaction questionnaire". The table lists in detail the terms of the user's evaluation of vehicle use and after-sales service, and the user evaluates their satisfaction according to the actual situation. I saw Jiaozuo with my own eyes, but due to the trouble of cleaning, boss Bi of a coal plant in Boai County drew a full tick in the column of "very satisfied". He spoke with Jiaozuo accent and said with a smile, "I have bought three Yutong loaders in total, and I am very satisfied with them."

during this visit, the shoveling business department also carefully prepared Yutong overalls for users as gifts. Users were very happy after receiving them, saying that this gift was very practical, and it was best to wear it when working

users unanimously reported that Yutong heavy industry's patrol activities have brought them more professional guidance and suggestions, enabling them to have a deeper and professional understanding of vehicle operation and maintenance. At the same time, the patrol service personnel have also timely and effectively solved the faults in vehicle construction for them. As users, they have benefited a lot and are deeply grateful. They hope that such activities will be held in the future

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