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Yutong new energy and sanitation products help Wuhan build a blue sky dream

Yutong new energy and sanitation products help Wuhan build a blue sky dream

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after Yutong new energy and sanitation products appeared in Wuhan International Commercial Vehicle Exhibition in November 2015, a year later, from November 21 to December 1, 2016, Yutong sanitation pure electric road sweeper and pure electric road maintenance vehicle once again appear in front of Wuhan people with new faces

with the comprehensive promotion of the national new energy policy, corresponding measures have been introduced throughout the country. Wuhan responded to the national call and required the promotion of 30 new energy sanitation vehicles in each of the seven central urban areas. The continuous warming of the new energy market has brought new opportunities for Yutong heavy industry to enter the Wuhan market. At the end of October 2016, in order to deal with the increasingly prominent environmental problems, the Wuhan municipal government required Zhongshan Avenue to prohibit fuel vehicles from going on the road. In order to implement the requirements of the higher authorities, the urban management bureaus of Jiang'an, Jianghan and Qiaokou districts decided to use new energy sanitation vehicles for road cleaning and garbage transfer

due to the poor use effect of the new energy sanitation vehicles purchased in 2015, after careful consideration, the Urban Management Bureau of Jiang'an District also put forward the requirements for commissioning to Zoomlion and Yutong, and purchase after the trial is satisfactory. In line with the customer-centric business management concept, Yutong heavy industry, with the high attention of yulixiang, the general manager of the company, and duanlei, the marketing director of new energy, dispatched a 7-ton pure electric road sweeper and a 3-ton pure electric road sweeper from the company all the way to Wuhan for a ten day trial

to ensure the trial effect, Chen Bin, assistant manager of new energy marketing management department, Yu Zhilei, business manager, and after-sales 3 Lu Xucan, the force sensor Service Department of the electronic tensile testing machine, tracked the whole process during the trial period. In the process, Wuchang District, Jiang'an District and Qiaokou District were specially invited. Due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, relevant leaders of the Urban Management Bureau came to the site to investigate the trial situation, which was unanimously recognized by customers. Yutong heavy industry insists on creating maximum value for customers with excellent products and services. This trial not only dispelled customers' doubts about new energy sanitation vehicles, but also laid a solid foundation for Yutong new energy sanitation to enter the central China market

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