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Italian Cabernet art masters came to China to inherit the top design and process of art coatings

Italian Cabernet art masters came to China to inherit the top design and process of art coatings

October 26, 2018 ASTM D and other Cabernet art to avoid being electrically injured by wires or components exposed inside. At the beginning of 2018, they cooperated with Italian Harpo group, which is located in tiriast, Italy, and has a history of 121 years. The environmental protection art coating products, design concepts and lifestyles from Italy are introduced. The whole series of products can effectively degrade formaldehyde, continuously purify 85.3% formaldehyde in the air, prevent mold and alkali, and meet the grade 0 standard for mold resistance. They are anti pollution, waterproof, scrub resistant and not easy to crack. With the brand concept of "using color to interpret love", Cadbury adheres to Italian art and culture, integrates Italian exquisite construction techniques, and perfectly combines materials and processes to meet the personalized home life needs of different consumers

industry, diligence and leisure. To become a real master of art, you need to be hammered and tempered repeatedly. From October 17 to October 20, Oliver FabI, sales president and Andrea, technical director of Cabernet's headquarters in Italy made a special trip from Italy to China to inherit the top design and unique skills of Italian art coatings. We sincerely invite outstanding distributors and construction supervision representatives of Cabernet to gather in Guangdong Shunde, the marketing headquarters of Cabernet's art coatings in China, Participated in the construction supervision training summit of "craftsman quality, construction golden reputation" of Italy Cabernet art coating

this training summit mainly allows you to appreciate the top design of Italian art coatings and the actual construction operation of art coatings design works, as well as how to apply the color matching of design works to the home effect. After professional course training and practical interaction, Shanxi Juhua New Material Technology Co., Ltd. produces and operates aluminum based catalytic carrier new materials and catalysts to the artistic coatings of Cadbury Have a deeper understanding of the construction technology and color application, learn something and apply it

Andrea, technical director of Cabernet's headquarters in Italy, explained the construction process of each Cabernet's art paint step by step, so that the students could have a deeper understanding of the design inspiration and concept of Cabernet's art paint products, the Italian art and culture behind it, and the standard of each standard construction process. During the training, in addition to the introduction of artistic works and the teaching of professional construction technology, Andrea also actively interacted with the students to make them understand more thoroughly and operate more flexibly

the students studied carefully, had an active discussion with Oliver FabI, President of art sales and Andrea, technical director of Cabernet's headquarters in Italy, understood each unique and exquisite process display of Cabernet's art paint in Italy, and inherited Italy's exquisite craftsman spirit. "Three parts of paint, seven parts of construction." No matter how good a product is, it also needs professional construction to turn it into a beautiful work to be presented to consumers, which is also the driving force of this training

wujianjun, director of Cadbury Engineering Department, attended the meeting and gave a lecture on "color training". After analyzing the color art, color psychology and color marketing, the color professional course can be described as the painstaking work of Cadbury. It not only enables the construction supervisors participating in the course to understand the principle of advanced color matching in actual operation, but also transmits the idea of Italian Cadbury color beautifying the home environment to consumers, providing people with a lifestyle of interpreting love with color

after 4 days of substantial and intense exchange and learning, the construction supervision training summit of Cadbury art coating "craftsman quality, construction golden monument for outstanding political achievements" was successfully concluded! After the meeting, Cadbury construction supervisors reported that they had benefited a lot from participating in the summit. They appreciated the fashion design of Italian art coatings, learned Italian craftsmanship, and appreciated the charm of home color matching. They hoped that Cadbury would often organize similar training activities to make Cadbury art coatings create differences in product empowerment, training empowerment and design empowerment, and walk in the forefront of the art coating industry

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