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Zhaoyoushan, chairman of the oil circulation Committee of the China Federation of Commerce, exclusively disclosed to this newspaper on June 30 that the report on the proposal to immediately stop using corn to process ethanol gasoline for vehicles in order to protect food security written by the Committee has been highly valued by the State Council. Recently, Premier Wen Jiabao issued important instructions instructing the national development and Reform Commission to seriously study and solve the problem

It is understood that as early as 2004, in order to promote the development of renewable energy and new energy, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant ministries and commissions jointly issued policies to promote the pilot project of processing vehicle ethanol gasoline with aged grain in Heilongjiang Province and other provinces and regions

with the encouragement of preferential policies, for every ton of vehicle ethanol gasoline produced, the state grants 1880 yuan of subsidies and exempts all taxes. All localities actively demand the development of biofuel ethanol industry, and the enthusiasm for building fuel ethanol projects is unprecedented

according to the statistics of relevant departments, in the two years from 2004 to 2006, the domestic production capacity proposed under the name of biofuel ethanol or non grain biological liquid fuel has exceeded 10 million tons

and a more serious problem occurred. According to the survey, in Heilongjiang, Jilin and other major grain producing areas, all local alcohol factories began to rush to buy corn grain in the name of digesting aged grain, resulting in the rush to buy up all the newly listed corn, resulting in a serious shortage of feed and greatly affecting the development of the breeding industry

in order to avoid competing with the people for food and eliminate the hidden dangers in the national food security, the national development and Reform Commission issued an emergency notice in 2006, clearly requiring that all regions should not blindly develop corn processing ethanol production capacity, and that they should adhere to the principles of "adjusting measures to local conditions and focusing on non grain" to develop bioethanol fuel

in the following two years, despite the strict market access and supervision system implemented by the national competent authorities, the fixed-point and non fixed-point enterprises of fuel ethanol production often "compete with people for food", which reached a peak in early 2008

at that time, the price of pork was as high as 20 yuan per kilogram, and the price of eggs was more than 5 yuan per kilogram by 2.3 metallographic analysis, resulting in a severe situation that people could not consume normally. However, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of commerce took timely measures to stop the processing of ethanol gasoline with corn, which stabilized the price of agricultural and sideline products

nowadays, the use of corn to process vehicle ethanol gasoline is resurgent. According to the latest survey of the China Petroleum Commission, some alcohol factories in Heilongjiang Province and other provinces began to produce and process ethanol gasoline for vehicles with corn, and began to rush to buy corn grain

it is worrying that China is now in a period of frequent natural disasters. From the second half of last year to the first half of this year, the three provinces and regions in the southwest continued to suffer from drought, the northern region continued to suffer from snow and rainfall, and some areas in the north and South suffered from serious floods, which has affected the sowing and growth of grain and other crops

where is the way out for fuel ethanol

over the years, the domestic dispute over ethanol gasoline has never been settled

zhaoyoushan, who once represented the China Petroleum Commission and twice wrote to the State Council to stop using corn as fuel ethanol, said frankly: "the original intention of this policy is good. It can not only develop alternative energy sources for oil, but also digest the stored aged grain, but also implement scientific demonstration and planning."

has a copy of the report on the proposal to immediately stop using corn to process ethanol gasoline for vehicles in order to protect food security. The report pointed out that ethanol gasoline can not really replace gasoline and diesel, and can not fundamentally solve the problem. At present, China can only produce 2million tons of ethanol gasoline every year, while China's annual oil consumption is as much as 400million tons, which is a great difference. It is difficult to eliminate the relative shortage of China's oil resources

zhaoyoushan made a rough calculation: in terms of cost, the current price of corn in the market is about 1900-2000 yuan per ton. According to Kevin SIAT, chairman and CEO of the American flight safety foundation, the cost of corn per ton of ethanol alone is as high as 6270-6600 yuan. If other costs are added, the cost per ton of ethanol is at least 8000-9000 yuan. At this price, you can buy two tons of finished gasoline or diesel oil

according to a statistical analysis from the automotive industry department, at present, the consumption of ethanol gasoline for vehicles is much higher than that of ordinary gasoline, resulting in high energy consumption and low efficiency. The annual cost of a vehicle using ethanol gasoline is about 1500 yuan higher than that of a vehicle using ordinary gasoline

it is understood that at present, China has become the third largest producer and application country of biofuel ethanol in the world after Brazil and the United States. The four pilot projects for biofuel ethanol production approved by the state have formed a production capacity of 1.02 million tons per year

COFCO bio energy (Zhaodong) Co., Ltd. is the most powerful alcohol production base in China. According to zhaoyoushan's analysis, according to its annual use of corn to produce 3.1 million tons of various types of ethanol, it consumes 10million tons of corn a year. China's Grain Reserve is only 225million tons, and Heilongjiang's Grain Reserve is about 10million tons. The grain consumed by COFCO Zhaodong is 1/20 of the National Grain Reserve, equivalent to the amount of Heilongjiang Province

in order to thoroughly eradicate the serious impact of processing ethanol gasoline with corn on food security and the interests of the people, zhaoyoushan suggested that the preferential policies for ethanol enterprises and temperature control instruments requiring good accuracy and system coordination should be stopped immediately, and these fiscal and tax subsidies should be tilted to wheat straw and cassava used for processing fuel ethanol, whose cost is higher than that of aged grain

it is understood that in addition to the subsidy of 1880 yuan allocated by the state, the preferential policies for ethanol enterprises also include the exemption of 5% consumption tax, the value-added tax is levied first and then returned, and the old grain subsidy policy is enjoyed, and the subsidy amount is jointly borne by the central and local governments according to the specified proportion

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