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Issa actively participates in the construction of China's "maritime Silk Road"

Issa actively participates in the construction of China's "maritime Silk Road"

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recently, Issa, the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of welding and cutting equipment, systems and materials, joined hands with Dalian shipbuilding industry group to hold "Issa advanced welding technology exchange meeting". The activity focused on advanced shipbuilding technology and innovative ideas, and focused on the display of welding products, technical processes, solutions and new cooperation and talent training modes for the shipbuilding industry. With its profound experience in the shipbuilding industry and its determination to change for more than 100 years, Issa will continue to promote the upgrading and transformation of China's shipbuilding and offshore engineering industry, actively participate in the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and the maritime "Silk Road", and help Chinese enterprises go further and stronger

the welding backbone of Dalian shipbuilding industry and the technical directors of relevant departments, as well as about 30 people from Issa's core technical team gathered together. Mr. liyingqi, sales director of Issa northern region, said, "The 'made in China 2025' initiative and the continuous development of the global market have put forward higher and higher requirements for ship welding technology, making a qualitative leap in the breadth and depth of ship welding technology. This coincides with our expertise. Issa can help Chinese enterprises reach the international process level with localized solutions. In the next step, we will deepen cooperation with Dalian shipbuilding industry group and adhere to innovation Drive, give full play to the advantages of ship and sea, and strive to realize the digital, intelligent and green upgrading of marine welding technology. "

upgrading of traditional welding technology, application of advanced automatic welding technology and digital welding solutions are the top priorities of this exchange meeting. At the meeting, local technical experts from Issa introduced in detail the application of advanced welding materials such as nickel base welding materials, high-end flux cored wires, duplex stainless steel welding materials and nuclear grade products in the field of shipbuilding and marine engineering for large ship users; At the same time, it also shared high-efficiency and energy-saving engineering automation solutions including laser hybrid welding process and Issa's unique ice integrated cold wire submerged arc welding; In addition, Issa also provided in-depth explanations on plasma gouging, plasma welding, etc. for the diversified needs of ship and sea engineering for metal processing forms. Finally, when Issa and the welding and relevant department leaders of Dalian shipbuilding industry group fully fit the sample surface, they had an in-depth discussion on the training and exchange mode of high-end welding talents, and jointly sought a scheme to make the local ship and marine welding talents comparable to the international level

since the beginning of manual arc welding shipbuilding in the early 1950s, ship welding quality has been regarded as an important indicator to evaluate shipbuilding quality. Welding production efficiency and quality directly affect the construction cycle and production cost of ships. Driven by big data, artificial intelligence and other trends, the future shipbuilding process will depend on the perfect integration of efficient welding solutions with big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. The large ship users are pleased to see that Issa has developed a welding cloud platform, which will further improve the product design and construction capacity and help shipbuilding and offshore enterprises move towards high-end production

Issa weldcloudtm welding Yunlian welding data management platform can provide valuable reference information by effectively tracking the key parameters of each weld. During the exchange, ISAR experts explained the successful cases of integration and application of the platform with intelligent manufacturing, intelligent robots and other advanced technologies due to the lack of experimental and production equipment, and showed how it can help enterprises continuously analyze and improve welding operations to maximize productivity

Issa has been deeply involved in the shipbuilding industry since its inception. In 1919, the founder Oscar? Karlberg successfully built the first manual welding ship with advanced welding technology, and later passed the Lloyd's register of shipping certification. Today, Issa is the world's preferred partner for world-renowned ship and offshore platform manufacturers such as kvaemer in Norway, McDermott in the United States and STX in Finland. Issa also participated in the largest welding project in history at present - the world's largest cruise ship Oasis of the sea, which was launched in november2009. This huge structure uses a total of 1000 tons of welding materials, and its 2400km ship valves are all made of Issa products. Issa's Heavy CNC cutting equipment also participated in the assembly of ATP Titan, the largest offshore deepwater drilling platform in the United States. In this project, Issa provided about 1.13 million kg (2.5 million pounds) of flux cored wire, which greatly reduced the welding time and improved the productivity, and set a new benchmark for the deepwater exploration industry

"this delivery needs to be removed through surgery, which provides us with a mutually beneficial window for further understanding and insight into China's shipbuilding industry." Mr. liyingqi, sales director of Issa northern region, said, "China's shipbuilding industry has ushered in a new round of vigorous development. Adhering to the belief of 'heavy backbone, welding and casting', Issa will actively participate in China's industrial revolution or short-term monopoly, starting from the current situation and actual needs of the shipbuilding and marine equipment industry, provide the industry with better customized solutions, and promote and guide China's shipbuilding industry from big to strong."

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