Research shows that lusty babies may be smarter

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Foreign psychologists have spent three years studying the influence of color on infants' intelligence

foreign psychologists once spent three years studying the influence of color on infants' intelligence

he lets children play, play and study in an environment painted with different colors. The results showed that in those rooms with "good-looking" colors (such as light blue, yellow, yellow green and orange), the children's IQ was much higher than usual, and the children became alert and creative; In rooms with "ugly" colors (such as white, black and brown), children's IQ is lower than usual. People also appear dull

generally speaking, red, yellow, orange and other colors can produce a warm feeling, which is a warm color. Warm colors make people think actively, react quickly, and increase their vitality

Orange: it can regulate mood and make people full of vitality

Pink: it symbolizes love and family affection. Beneficial to sleep, very suitable for newborns

green, blue, blue and other colors on the face can produce a cold feeling, which is a cold color. Cool color has a special effect of stabilizing mood and calming down. Therefore, it is very important to give children a colorful world suitable for their physical and mental development

green: it can stimulate children's desire to explore new things and make their thinking more logical

blue: a calming tone that can enhance children's self-confidence

for those children who are not very good tempered, their rooms can be decorated with cool colors, such as green, which can stabilize their emotions

if your child is not very active, decorate his room with warm colors to stimulate his vitality

pay attention to the color matching of mixed colors, otherwise people will feel dizzy

of course, the most important thing is that we should take our children outdoors to see the blue sky, floating clouds, colorful flowers in the park... Letting children contact colorful colors from childhood can give children a good stimulus, promote their brain development, and make children more intelligent and alert





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