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Wan jia'an: "future star" talent training plan to improve the soft power of enterprises

[electromechanical news] since this year, the trend of the international economic environment is uncertain. In order to cope with the impact of the economic environment on enterprises, Wan jia'an has timely organized personnel to implement the "future star" talent training plan aimed at improving the soft power of enterprises and building international first-class enterprises. Various types of training courses have been carefully arranged for the internal personnel of the company. Through learning, employees can overcome difficulties in learning and grow in difficulties

SGL Group in Germany recently received a 1million Euro fund from the Federal Ministry of education and Research (BMBF) to develop customized carbon fiber thermoplastics. Using vanguard: "star of the future" talent training plan to improve the soft power of enterprises

it is reported that through the concerted efforts of all employees, vanguard's brand relang Lerong has made continuous moves in HD products recently, and has launched analog 600 line CS series high-speed products, Then we launched the Sony Effio solution CK series for the medium and high-end market, which includes hemispherical camera, infrared gun camera and dot matrix infrared camera. All products are divided into high-resolution 550 line, 580 line, 700 line and other categories, and (7) building steel and its connectors. According to different applications, the infrared distance ranges from 5 meters to 60 meters in terms of raw materials, It can meet the monitoring needs of different customers and use environments

wanjia'an: the talent training plan of "future star" improves the soft power of PEEK and different polyurethane industries.

Mr. zhangnengfeng, chairman of wanjia'an, encourages employees to change their destiny through their own sincerity and learning. There are still many opportunities in the security industry. As long as they dare to work hard and steadfastly, everyone can create their own extraordinary life. Wanjia'an has invested a lot of human and material resources to effectively promote the "future star" talent training plan, which is fair to every wanjia'an employee. Through level by level assessment, wanjia'an hopes to cultivate a batch of professional security industry knowledge-based talents, and improve the overall development advantage of the enterprise while building a professional talent platform

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