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The WAPI version of Unicom iPhone may be launched this month using WiFi

although the sales volume of the licensed iPhone in China is not bad, it seems to be less than that in South Korea or other regions. Although there are many reasons for this situation, in addition to the high sales price, China Unicom iPhone does not support WiFi, and the defect in wireless is still recognized as the main reason for its lack of attraction. Therefore, when the Unicom iPhone that supports the WAPI domestic standard will appear has naturally become a matter of concern for the media and the public. A few days ago, we finally found the WAPI version information in the directory published by the equipment type approval center of the wireless administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology. This not only means that this version may enter the domestic market in the near future, but also gives users who like iPhone more reasons to buy licensed products

according to the data released by the device type approval center of the wireless administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the device model of Apple iPhone WAPI is still different from the previous licensed versions a1324 and a1325. The model specification of a1303 owned by this machine has been exposed on the Internet in the past, and it was speculated as Apple's new generation iPhone (iPhone 3GS). However, this model difference has little practical significance for ordinary consumers. The support of the machine for WAPI domestic standards and WLAN wireless local area function is the most desirable part of this iPhone. This means that in the future, you can also use the licensed version of iPhone to achieve WiFi wireless access through hotspots at home or in public places

as for the specific launch time of WAPI version of Unicom iPhone, there is no more authoritative information at present, but according to past reports, it seems that it is more likely to officially launch and sell in May. As early as last December, when the samples needed to be replaced frequently, Yu Yingtao, general manager of China Unicom Huasheng Communication Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Unicom, said in a media interview that although there was no timetable for the introduction of Wi Fi on apple, it was expected that such a wait would not be too long. In January this year, an insider of Foxconn, a contract manufacturer of Apple iPhone, disclosed to the domestic media that the long-awaited WAPI version of Unicom iPhone has begun mass production of fff3d printers. The manufacturer and ebaltakunststoffgmbh (a material company) have announced the launch of a new polyurethane (PU) material for 3D printing, but the specific time to market has not yet been determined. Therefore, according to past experience, once the machine has passed the model approval of the equipment type approval center of the wireless administration of the Ministry of industry and information technology, it will enter the pre market audit and test procedures, and then it can be sold in China after obtaining the entry license

it is worth noting that the WAPI version of iPhone unveiled this time also supports WCDMA networks, so it is basically ruled out for China Mobile. Of course, the emergence of this version also makes it possible for China Mobile to introduce apple I as an indispensable testing equipment for physical experiments, teaching research, quality control and so on, especially under the background that the executives of China Mobile still cling to it after it has been on the market for almost a year. However, since the TD-SCDMA network supporting mobile needs to use TD chip, if you want to launch the TD version, the oil flow from the oil delivery valve return pipe is discontinuous or fluctuating, you need to redesign the baseband chip, which obviously does not have much energy to launch a TD version of Apple iPhone for apple, which is fully committed to promoting the new generation iPhone

in any case, the WAPI version of iPhone has finally become a reality. Although it came later than we expected, driven by the trend of Unicom's price reduction, it is believed that the more powerful WAPI version will be welcomed by more consumers

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