Explosion of a resin factory in Huainan

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Huainan No.1 resin plant explosion

Huainan No.1 resin plant explosion

July 13, 2005

Huainan jinhaida resin Co., Ltd. is located 400 meters to the east of the turntable in Ancheng Town, adjacent to the traffic artery in the South and the village in the north. The East and West are separated by walls, and its northwest corner is the raw material storage tank area. The storage tank area is about 30 square meters. The storage area of two methanol tanks and two formaldehyde tanks with a diameter of 3 meters is less than 2 meters apart, and the volume of each tank is 140 cubic meters. There are no fire hydrants in the plant area, no foam fire extinguishing system in the tank farm, and only a few dry powder fire extinguishers. The plant mainly uses methanol and formaldehyde as raw materials to produce resin glue

emergency evacuation after the explosion

Ms. Liao, who lives more than 100 meters away from the scene of the explosion, still has lingering palpitations about the explosion. Ms. Liao said that the accident occurred at more than 11 a.m. that day. At that time, she was cooking at home. Suddenly, there was an explosion. It felt like an earthquake. The earth shook suddenly. She ran out with her husband and saw a tank burning in the resin company in the East. Ms. Liao and her husband picked up their 2-year-old child and even had time to put on their shoes. They ran out barefoot. The position more than ten meters away from the storage tank is too hot for people to approach

in order to prevent people from being injured by the secondary explosion at the scene of the accident, the traffic police department arranged traffic police on duty at two turnouts hundreds of meters away from the East and west of national highway 206 at the gate of the resin company to divert passing vehicles; Tianjiaan public security branch also urgently mobilized dozens of police to the scene, and nearly a thousand people were evacuated to a safe place. Only the police were left around the scene of the accident. If another explosion occurred, it was likely to pose a threat to their lives

fire fighting, race against time

in fact, our fire fighters are the most dangerous. Rescue and fire fighting are always at the forefront, fighting with their lives against the fire demon

11:26: Huainan fire brigade received an alarm

11:29: two fire engines and 16 combatants of the first fire squadron rushed to the scene of the fire at the first time. At that time, although the rain was pouring, they still felt the flames within 30 meters around the fire pot, and the personnel could not get close to it. Commander Chen Aoge immediately realized the complexity of the fire and the arduousness of the fire fighting work, and quickly ordered the combatants to divide into two groups, send out two water guns, take the wall as the cover, lean against the wall in front of the east door of the tank farm to shoot water, cool the fire tank and the three adjacent tanks around, and strictly prevent the secondary explosion and combustion caused by the high temperature of the adjacent tanks caused by thermal radiation. At the same time, he urgently reported the fire to the detachment control room and requested reinforcements

11:34: seven fire engines and 56 officers and soldiers from the reinforced fire special service Squadron, the fifth squadron and the second squadron arrived at the scene of the fire. At the same time, Zhang Ting, the head of the fire brigade, and personnel from the departments of department, administration, logistics and defense also rushed to the scene one after another. After listening to the fire report from the commander of the first squadron and the leaders of the plant headquarters, the leader of the detachment quickly established the fire headquarters headed by Zhang Ting, the leader of the detachment. Li Daming, the deputy chief of staff, led the personnel of the headquarters to be responsible for front-line fire reconnaissance, fire water supply and on-site data collection

11:40: the information was quickly fed back to the headquarters, and Zhang Ting made a reasonable adjustment to the combat power according to the on-site situation: the second squadron was arranged to occupy the favorable terrain of the pool in the southeast corner of the plant, and the water was directly absorbed from the pool by using the suction pipe. Two water belts were laid, and a water gun was produced. Two water guns of the first squadron were combined to cool the fire tank wall and adjacent tank bodies from the East; The special service squadron approached the tank farm from the West outside the factory, occupied the high ground, and sent two water guns to cool the fire tank wall and adjacent tanks from the west, so as to achieve the effect of overall cooling of tanks; The fifth squadron used foam pipe guns and foam cannons to spray foam into the fire tank to fight the fire with all its strength

13:45: due to the large methanol reserves in the ignition tank, the combustion fire is fierce, the radiation temperature is high, and the amount of foam liquid is small, so the fire is difficult to control. The commander looked down at the tank farm from the top of the sixth floor of the clothing factory near the scene. The tongue of fire in the fire tank rolled over, and the tank wall was burnt from milky white to red and then oxidized to black. The water hit it and immediately formed steam and sent it to the sky. In response to this situation, in order to give full play to the coverage of foam and the infinite dilution effect of water on methanol, the headquarters sought the consent of the chemical experts who rushed to the reinforcement, and resolutely ordered the use of foam hooks

14:56: the insoluble foam liquid was transported to the fire site in an emergency

15:02: at the command of the commander, Sergeant Lu Chengliang's cooperation with his comrades in arms "In hindsight, under the cover of the water gunner, he quickly set up two pull ladders, risking the risk of secondary explosion and possible scalding at any time, put life and death aside, and carefully hung the two foam hooks on the wall of the fire tank quickly, guiding the foam liquid into the fire tank.

15:40 he hoped that the potential suppliers would unite with the COMAC cr929 project team sincerely: Xu hengqiu, deputy mayor of Huainan Municipal government, came to the scene in person Check the fire situation at the scene. When you know that the fire situation is complex, give instructions immediately: try every means to minimize the fire loss under the condition of ensuring the safety of personnel

16:10: four barrels of insoluble foam were successfully transported to the fire. The above is the little knowledge about the tearing experiment of various shapes of samples by the electronic universal experimental machine shared with you. It was loaded into the foam fire truck. After careful deployment, the headquarters issued a general attack order. A large amount of foam liquid was injected into the fire tank through the foam hook pipe. Five water guns cooled the adjacent tanks with strong water flow. The officers and soldiers fought back, Form a trend of all-round attack on fire

16:50: the fire was basically controlled, and the infrared thermometer was used to detect. It was found that the measured value of the fire tank was more accurate, and the temperature was below the ignition point of methanol. In order to prevent the liquid in the fire tank from re igniting and may cause the temperature of adjacent tanks to be too high, the headquarters ordered two fire engines of the first squadron in the area to stay behind and cool the fire tank wall and adjacent tanks at intervals

17:30: all firefighters left the scene and ended the fire fighting

official reply: on the afternoon of July 11, Li Yubao, chief of the comprehensive Department of Huainan administration of work safety, told that on the morning of July 11, the Safety Supervision Bureau, the Federation of trade unions, fire departments and other departments formed an accident investigation team, which has entered jinhaida resin Co., Ltd. for investigation, and the cause of the accident is still under investigation

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