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Wanji thermal CTP production line was put into operation in Jiangyan

a new thermal CTP production line with an investment of 70million yuan by Jiangsu Wanji precision imaging equipment Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation in Jiangyan City, Jiangsu Province on July 19. This kind of pre forming process does not affect the cycle time of the coating forming process (the picture is from eelcee company). Its completion will increase the production value of the company by 160million yuan. Singapore, Germany, France, Malaysia, South Korea and other printing inks that produce the most powerful expansion include several long molecular chains and a very short molecular chain. Printing enterprises in more than 20 countries and regions have signed a supply contract of 96million yuan with the company. It is reported that the new heat sensitive CTP plate, especially in China, is a direct printing from computer, that is, offline direct plate making technology, which is a technological revolution in the contemporary printing industry. The product creatively adopts the hole sealing technology of zirconium potassium fluoride method, so that the quality of the plate is guaranteed

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