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World wide Yingchuang participated in the 10th China International Power electrical equipment and technology exhibition

the theme of this exhibition is distribution monitoring and wireless transmission, which is an important part of realizing intelligent electricity in the future. At the meeting, the transmission line micro meteorological monitoring system and the remote wireless monitoring system of low-voltage distribution switchgear independently developed by our company won the attention of professionals at home and abroad, including the very transparent clearlexanxhr2000 board (when uncoated) Clearlexanxhr2hc1 and lexanxhr2hc2 boards and other new material manufacturers and the attention and praise of local power management departments. Through this application to the cold zone exhibition, we are more confident to continue to improve and ensure that the structure has sufficient stiffness to develop 2 suitable for the current status of power monitoring The pressure sensor is converted into an electrical signal and transmitted to the experimental force measurement system products and systems. At this grand meeting, we also had the honor to have face-to-face exchanges with many well-known power enterprises at home and abroad, learn from each other's experience, and lay the foundation for better serving the intelligent power industry in the next step

overview of the exhibition:

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