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Wanye enterprises advance into the field of integrated circuit equipment, and domestic equipment adds a new force

(original title: Wanye enterprises advance into the field of integrated circuit equipment, and domestic equipment adds a new force)

risks and opportunities of domestic integrated circuit equipment

at present, China's international status in the fields of design, manufacturing, sealing and testing has been improved, but the equipment has been difficult to improve. Among the three key equipment, the top three photolithography machines accounted for 92.8%, the top three etching machines accounted for 91.5%, and the top three PVD accounted for 96.2%, among which Chinese enterprises were rarely seen

facing the danger of the industry, China has raised the development of semiconductors to the national strategy, and the upstream equipment has received high attention. When the general secretary inspected in Wuhan, he mixed the two evenly and added additives for depression. The chip is equivalent to a human heart. The heart is not strong, and it is not strong no matter how large it is. We should speed up major breakthroughs in chip technology and scale the world's semiconductor peak; Recently, the general secretary also pointed out that the key core technology is a national priority

in 2014, the outline for promoting the development of the national integrated circuit industry proposed that by 2020, key equipment and materials will enter the international procurement system. Since its establishment, the national integrated circuit industry investment fund has actively deployed the field of semiconductor equipment and invested in a number of semiconductor equipment

while the policy continues to work, the downstream market demand provides a rare opportunity. In the next few years, the investment and construction peak of domestic wafer factories will bring hundreds of billions of dollars of market space. At present, many domestic semiconductor equipment enterprises, especially listed companies, are taking advantage of their own advantages to take action and seize the opportunity. For example, North China Huachuang acquired American akrion systems company to further enhance the competitiveness of the cleaning business; Wuhan Jinghong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between precision electronics and it&t company, focusing on the development of testing equipment. In recent days, another listed company has stepped into the field of semiconductor equipment through a series of actions. This enterprise is A-share listed company Wanye enterprise ()

this is a long-term plan to "get rid of the virtual reality"

as a listed real estate enterprise, Wanye enterprise has been seeking transformation. Judging from the announcements in recent years, the transformation of Wanye enterprises is different from the current "cramming" collective cross-border integrated circuits, but there are traces to follow

in November 2015, Wanye enterprise announced that Sanlin Wanye, the former controlling shareholder of the company, invested in puke and transferred 28.16% of the equity of Wanye enterprise; On December 3, the equity transfer was completed. Puke investment is a professional institution with rich experience in the investment field of high-tech industries such as integrated circuits. Puke investment becoming a shareholder of Wanye is conducive to supporting and promoting the transformation

Wanye enterprises proposed in their 2015 and 2016 annual reports that "strive to become a listed company with certain competitiveness and emerging industry genes at home and abroad", and preliminarily determined the transformation direction of Wanye enterprises

in April 2017, Wanye enterprise announced that it planned to invest 1billion yuan to subscribe for the first phase of Shanghai integrated circuit equipment and materials production. 4. Service life: 20% of the industrial investment fund (Preparatory). The fund was jointly initiated and established by the state-level industrial fund, Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Lingang Management Committee and puke investment, with a total scale of 10billion yuan and an initial scale of 5billion yuan. This investment is to clarify to the outside world that integrated circuits are the transformation direction of Wanye enterprises

in July, 2018, Wanye enterprise announced that it planned to acquire keystone semiconductor by combining cash payment with share issuance. At the same time, National Grand fund will also receive 7% shares of Wanye enterprise held by Sanlin Wanye. This shows that Wanye enterprises have taken a substantial step towards the transformation of integrated circuits

the target of this acquisition is also remarkable. Shanghai kaishitong semiconductor was established in Zhangjiang, Pudong in 2009. It is reported that the company was founded by many returned professionals such as Dr. Chen Jiong, an ion implanter expert, and the team members have entrepreneurial and professional experience in world-renowned ion implanters enterprises. The ion implanter products developed by the team overseas were purchased by contract manufacturers such as TSMC. After years of painstaking research, kastone has undertaken major projects such as national 02, and has gradually formed its own research and development capabilities, developing ion implanters used in the fields of solar energy, integrated circuits and AMOLED. Among them, the company's integrated circuit ion implanter products have been recognized by internationally renowned manufacturers

transition to integrated circuits is expected.

Wanye enterprises will increase the business of integrated circuit equipment such as ion implanters after the successful acquisition of kastone. Lithography machine, etching machine, ion implantation machine and other key equipment are key areas of national support. Among them, the ion implanter is an essential key equipment for the standardization process (wafer manufacturing) of IC front work. Kastone has the independent research and development ability of ion implanters, and the back-end market is gradually opened. In the future, with the support of the national large fund, with the help of kastone's R & D, brand and market advantages in the field of integrated circuit equipment and capital market advantages, Wanye enterprises are expected to break the international monopoly and become an integrated circuit equipment enterprise with global competitiveness

we also note that Wanye enterprises have invested and participated in the Shanghai semiconductor equipment and materials fund, which will provide more resources and opportunities for transformation

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