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Wanlian won the 2015 SaaS platform innovation product award for data center. Recently, the 2015 China software conference was held in Beijing. As an important part of the conference, the sponsor China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute released the 2015 China software and information service award-winning manufacturer list. Changzhou Wanlian data information security Co., Ltd. stood out among many manufacturers, It successfully won the innovative product award of data center DCIM management and control SaaS platform

the new value proposition of data center leads the development of the industry

ensuring the normal operation of data center has not only been a severe test faced by data centers of various enterprises and institutions, but also an important link in the normal operation of today's society and economy. IDC report shows that up to 84% of the data centers in the world can not be solved in time due to the failure of power supply, space capacity, cooling capacity, affordable products obtained by capital enterprises and normal operation time, which leads to the interruption of various operations and other businesses, resulting in significant economic losses or extremely poor social impact. The core idea behind Wanlian's technology and products is to make the data center more reliable and efficient, so as to keep the data center in a continuous and normal operation state

in addition to the facts, Wanlian, as a leading domestic IOT application information security DCIM integrated management and control operator, took the lead in realizing the comprehensive and effective unified platform standardized integrated management of the scattered it basic physical environment and facility operation and maintenance business in the data center computer room. The management platform collects and manages various key elements in the whole life cycle of the data center, such as it infrastructure operation and maintenance, asset management, water, electricity and air conditioning management, energy management, environmental control, security monitoring, access control, space configuration and many other key data, and interconnects the above independent, discrete, fragmented and diverse data through networking, In a unified and standardized way, the system platform developed by Wanlian is consistently presented as applicable information, which is convenient for decision makers to evaluate, predict and analyze based on big data. It makes the comprehensive management of the core physical and operational security support system of information security intelligent and insightful

the system platform actively supports virtualization, cloud and constructive computing, so that information security management and control can evolve from the basic state to the automated state

dcim helps customers maintain agile insight

as an excellent access to data center management, DCIM is still one of the targets worthy of managers' introduction. Due to the development of various new technologies such as virtualization, cloud computing, bigdata, mobile technology and infrastructure integration, the market demand of information data center has undergone a significant transformation and evolution. These rapid technological changes have led to the complexity of IT infrastructure construction, which not only exposed the problem of low efficiency of IT infrastructure, It also causes that when the current tools for monitoring IT operations are not charged and discharged, the changes in the concentration of two vanadium ions are enough to deal with this dilemma of growing complexity; Therefore, enterprises now pay more attention to the investment in DCIM solutions than ever before, so as to cope with the growing complexity, improve operational efficiency and enhance the flexibility of the system

in addition, driven by IOT and our increasingly digitalized world, the exponential growth of data puts forward different requirements for data centers, and data has become the lifeline of business. DCIM can provide users with the insight needed to maintain agility, so that the risks faced by real-time large-scale experimental force and large-diameter nylon rope operations can be easily solved

Wanlian's complete DCIM solution can provide managers with a complete and real-time view of the data center, so as to optimize efficiency, performance and flexibility, transform the data center from a cost center to a business driven center, and enable managers to make reasonable decisions based on actual data

as a mainstream supplier committed to promoting the development of data centers and constantly innovating to meet the various needs of industry users, Wanlian has successfully created a series of products and solutions to manage the whole life cycle of data centers, and has always paid attention to the research and development innovation of DCIM technology in data centers, so as to bring outstanding data center benefits to customers and help customers effectively reduce operating costs with more energy-efficient products and solutions

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