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Wanhua's supply rose to boost the market atmosphere

the market situation of aggregated MDI climbed slightly. Stimulated by the tight supply, the transaction of Wanhua's supply in Shandong market was negotiated at 18600 yuan/ton. After the price rose, some low-end cargo holders were reluctant to sell or could not cover the plate, and the market inquiry was difficult. Other sources of goods mostly ship to old customers, the transaction price is reasonable, the negotiation price of new customers is high, and the low-end price gradually disappears. It is reported that at the beginning of June, some Korean goods will arrive at the port, and the tentative price of the goods holder is 17600 yuan/ton, which will be delivered around. Longzhong information predicts that in May, the international judge of the quality state of materials under dynamic load is very promising. The maintenance plan of MDI device is centralized, the spot circulation is tight, and the market development trend is promising. The market atmosphere of raw aniline is quiet, and the upstream news is not clear. Ginseng can also start the function of early warning and troubleshooting at any time. Participants have doubts about the trend in the later stage. The factory operates at a low negative pressure, and the production is determined by the sales. The buyers maintain the use and purchase at the same time. Technical parameters: zbc1251 the overall atmosphere is cold. Today, the reference price in East China is around yuan/ton, and the reference price in Shandong market is around yuan/ton

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