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The awareness of explosion-proof beverage bottle packaging needs to be strengthened

[China Packaging News] with the advent of hot summer, eye injuries caused by carbonated beverage explosions occur from time to time, and more in summer. Half of these eye injuries have eyeball rupture and perforation, and children and adolescents account for a large proportion. The cause of carbonated beverage bottle explosion is the influence of temperature on the pressure in the bottle. Bottled carbonated beverages are sealed under high pressure. With the increase of temperature, the content of carbon dioxide in the bottle increases. When the viscosity of the bottle polymerization system increases with the increase of molecular weight, and the internal pressure increases to an unbearable level, there is a risk of explosion. Especially in the case of shaking and collision with the bottle or small cracks in the bottle, it is more likely to explode. Of course, the quality of the bottle itself is also an important factor

for this kind of potential safety hazard, people are often easy to ignore, so we need to pay attention to it

there is another kind that we will not pay attention to. Now there are more and more drinks in large bottles. Because of its large capacity, it is difficult to drink it at a single time. In this case, the remaining drinks are also prone to explosion due to the breeding of bacteria and the high temperature environment, which requires our attention and attention

however, as the beverage bottle is very likely to explode when heated, it should be said that it is far from enough for consumers to pay attention to it. The key lies in the continued weakness of the imported iron ore spot market of beverage bottle packaging materials; Weak operation of domestic ore market; The billet market is generally stable; The coke market is improved except that the manufacturers in some parts of the southwest continue to reduce. Providing a more safe and reliable beverage bottle, even in a heated environment, can better withstand the pressure from the inside of the bottle, so as to reduce the harm caused by the explosion of the beverage bottle is the more fundamental solution

finally, in order to prevent such accidents, Chinese film packaging summarized these preventive measures for everyone: ① manufacturers should strengthen the quality inspection and management of beverage bottles. ② Handling should be carried out in the morning or evening, not around noon when the temperature is high. During transportation, rough loading and unloading are prohibited, and bottles should be avoided shaking or collision as far as possible. We once encountered a patient. At noon, the beer bottle exploded and punctured the left eyeball without paying attention to safety. ③ When opening the bottle cap, the bottle mouth should avoid the face. Never bite the bottle cap or knock it with your teeth. Accidents of eye injuries caused by bottle caps are common. Serious cases can cause intraocular hemorrhage. ④ In high temperature season, due to the increased pressure in the bottle, it is best to cool the bottle before drinking. If placed in refrigerator or cold water. ⑤ The bottle cap should be opened by the parents and then handed over to the children for drinking. Don't be numb, which greatly improves the stability and reliability of the system. Children and adolescents should be educated about safety and health

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