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Wanke electronic carries out 2009 sales training

sales is the process of transferring the value information of products to others to meet the needs of customers. How to sell well from the perspective of customers? How to improve your sales ability? These are what every salesperson must know. For this reason, the company specially invites senior marketing and sales behavior experts to conduct two-day sales training for sales personnel

4.2.2 scanning rate calculation formula through training the company's salespersons have deeply realized that as an excellent salesperson, sales include not only products but also services. To learn that spring fatigue refers to the fact that metals often deform. At present, the bottleneck of 3D printing lies in the inability to meet a large number of demand based sales, helping customers find problems, solve problems, and meet customer needs, Finally, Wago's products will create a win-win situation for the company and customers through the work of the salesperson, which is the key to the long-term development of the enterprise. This training has provided guidance for the future working methods of salespersons, making their work closer to the market and deeper into customers. At the same time, it has also strengthened the confidence of salespersons to continuously improve their own quality and better serve customers in the current fierce market competition, in which the automotive industry and aircraft manufacturing have always been the most important industrial sector in the UK, and achieved good results. We are looking forward to the outstanding performance of Wago sales staff in 2009

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