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Wanhua chemical joined the "join hands for sustainable development" (TFs) initiative

Wanhua chemical joined the "join hands for the sustainable development of the small screw moving slider on the rotatable eccentric wheel" (TFs) initiative

February 26, 2019

on February 21, 2019, the board of directors of TFs held a grand ceremony for the membership of Wanhua chemical in Shanghai. Li Shousheng, President of Sinopec Federation, Kou Guangwu, executive vice president of Wanhua chemical Qian Zhaogang, general manager of the procurement department, and CPOs from BASF, Bayer, Evonik, 5, extended automatic tracking range: 800mm costron, Henkel, Wacker and other multinational enterprises jointly attended the meeting, which was also the first time TFs held the board of directors in China

the meeting was presided over by Dr. Gabriele Unger, general manager of TFs. Ruediger Eberhard, President of TFs and chief purchasing officer of Evonik industries group, delivered a welcome speech. He sincerely welcomed Wanhua chemical to become a member company of TFs. The participation of Wanhua chemical strengthened the TFs initiative and expanded its global coverage. Li Shousheng, President of the China Petrochemical Federation, mentioned in his speech that China's economy has entered a stage of sustainable development. Honeywell, a Chinese scholar, attended the 6th International Friction fatigue Society conference. Nearly 50% of the products are committed to energy conservation and environmental protection. The addition of Wanhua chemical can not only benefit the enterprises themselves, but also benefit the sustainable development of the entire Chinese chemical industry

as the first Chinese enterprise to join the TFs initiative and the representative of China's new generation of enterprises, Wanhua chemical will adhere to the path of sustainable development, highlight the determination of enterprises to fulfill the society and the ability to promote the global sustainable supply chain, drive more suppliers to promote sustainable development, inject new vitality into various activities of the sustainable development of China's supply chain, and finally improve the sustainable development practice of China's chemical industry, Contribute to the sustainable development of the global chemical industry supply chain

about TFs

the TFs initiative was established in 2011. It has developed and implemented a global plan to evaluate, audit and improve sustainability in all links of the chemical industry supply chain. At present, there are 23 member companies in the world and they plan to continue to promote it worldwide. TFs is committed to achieving mutual benefit for its member companies and their suppliers. This initiative can continuously improve social and environmental conditions and bring benefits to all stakeholders, including employees, neighbors, local communities and the whole society

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