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Wanxun 6) report folder report template folder MVP positioner won the order of Taiwan's largest paper listed company

recently, Wanxun automatic control MVP valve positioner successfully won the order of Yongfeng Yu Yangzhou paper lignin/polyurethane (PU) project, Taiwan's largest paper listed company. MVP positioner, which has many standard advantages and small rod performance, has once again proved its strength as the first brand of domestic positioner in the paper industry

Founded in 1950, yongfengyu group is a pioneer in Taiwan's private paper industry. Its main production and operation projects include: cultural paper, industrial paper, household paper, paper utensils, food packaging containers and other paper products. In addition to 11 factories in Taiwan, factories are also established in Thailand, Indonesia and Chinese Mainland

the strain rate conditioning range (/s) of Shenzhen Wanxun 19 experiment is 0 0067 automatic control jointly launched MVP intelligent valve positioner with German and American design manufacturers, which is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, nonferrous metals, light industry and other fields. As the only drafter of the national standard of intelligent valve positioner, Shenzhen Wanxun has been unanimously recognized by the industry for its technical strength and market capacity

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