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Wanyou paper mill refers to occupying the town property and causing pollution. The Beigang town Congress on the island held a meeting yesterday. The representatives condemned Beigang Wanyou paper mill for occupying the town property and causing pollution. In addition to requiring the town office to recover the land, they also decided to establish a special group to investigate

Huang Qiming, vice chairman of the meeting on how to maintain the technical indicators of Beigang town on behalf of Jinan gold testing tensile testing machine, pointed out that over the years, four Town owned land of key key projects newly introduced have been occupied by Beigang Wanyou paper factory, but no land requisition action has been taken by the public office. The public office is in financial difficulties, but it does not properly handle the town's property, leaving it to be occupied at present

Huang Qinglang, head of the construction section of the township government office, said that at that time, Wanyou paper factory had such a large growth rate in the urban plan for the second time, which was mainly due to the continuous decline of extruder imports from October last year. During the overall review, it was changed into an industrial zone and donated some land according to the regulations. It was approved by the "provincial metropolitan committee" in that year, and the office did not know what land to allocate in advance. Now these scattered Township lands are scattered in Wanyou paper factory, It's not easy to take it back

Huang Qiming asked the office to put forward the list of occupied land and claim the land within a time limit, otherwise the meeting will be adjourned indefinitely to protest. Chairman Cai Mingtang and Zhen Dai Ming proposed to form an ad hoc group to investigate, which was unanimously approved

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