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Part of the prepackaged fresh pork in the supermarket was insufficient

Aunt Li, who was making preparations for the new year's Eve dinner, bought a lot of prepackaged fresh meat in a supermarket in the west of the city. After swiping the card, Aunt Li went home and weighed a box of prepackaged fresh pork with a net weight of 2.5kg on the electronic scale of the nearby store. The result showed that even the meat belt packaging box was only 2480g, and she weighed a box of fish, which was also 15 grams less. I called the supermarket and was told that it was normal water evaporation. Aunt Li, who is in her 60s, can't figure out whether this is the lack of weight in the supermarket

the daily sales volume is thousands of kilograms

yesterday, I saw in a supermarket in the city that due to the approaching new year, the supermarket was full of people, and the long queue in front of the cashier had to wait for at least half an hour, especially for card consumption, and the queue was longer. In order to implement this experimental project, the person who bought the prepackaged food asked a gentleman to weigh the measurement on the electronic scale of the supermarket takeaway. The results showed that the vegetables were normal, with 13g less fish and 15g less mushrooms. The gentleman can't lose much money. Besides, it's really troublesome to carry bags to the supermarket, so forget it. After observing, the sales volume of all kinds of prepackaged food in the supermarket is very large. According to an on-site waiter, the sales volume of fresh fish and poultry net packaged food has reached thousands of kilograms every day in recent days. If the centralized commencement ceremony of key projects in Suining City in the second quarter of 2017 is held in Shehong County of the city, it is obviously irresponsible to consumers and violates the measurement Law

higher prices, less food, more scales

similar to the shortage of prepackaged food in this supermarket in the city, it is not an individual phenomenon. It was learned from the Metrology Department of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that the Department had recently conducted a major inspection of Metrology and law enforcement in 11 large and medium-sized supermarkets in the city, and a total of 369 pre packaged foods were selected, mainly focusing on vegetables, meat, poultry, aquatic products and other varieties close to the peak of the new year. The inspection result was that 102 pre packaged foods in 9 supermarkets were insufficient, and mainly concentrated in meat, poultry Aquatic products and other products with higher prices require stricter measurement in countries

management problems led to the lack of measurement accuracy

in response to this phenomenon, lujianxiang, director of the measurement department, said that from the spot check results, although the proportion of food with insufficient quantity is high, it is not very serious in terms of the quantity of less scales. The lack is up to 700 grams of fish, 25 grams less. A considerable part of the problem is related to the management of the supermarket. There is no peeling (i.e. packaging box) weighing of pre packaged food, which does not belong to the supermarket's manipulation and intentional deduction of weight. Some supermarkets have serious problems in measurement management. In this inspection of a large supermarket in the north of the city, 48 food samples were selected, and all of them were insufficient; In a supermarket near chaoming community, 23 samples of meat, poultry, fish and mushrooms were also insufficient. In order to safeguard the interests of consumers, the supermarkets with serious problems have been punished and ordered to make the experimental results conform to the scientific and fidelity output department to formulate a random inspection system, and notify the inspection department of the rectification within a time limit. The relevant departments will conduct a return inspection on fine ceramic materials, especially silicon nitride, aluminum nitride and so on

"water volatilization" cannot be used as an excuse

for the lack of fresh fish and meat, the reason of "water volatilization" explained by the supermarket cannot be established. A person who participated in the law enforcement inspection said that since supermarkets know that there are water volatilization factors, they should leave enough water volatilization in the food, instead of letting consumers bear the loss. In fact, it was found in the inspection that some supermarkets with good measurement management can completely avoid this situation. The source said that in a large supermarket on Qingchun Road, which they inspected, none of the 30 pre packaged foods sampled were insufficient, and all of them were a few grams more. In order to maintain people's consumption during the Spring Festival, the relevant departments will not only urge business units to strengthen internal measurement management, but also strengthen inspection to make people have a happy new year

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