Some problems existing in the use of tower cranes

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Some problems existing in the use of tower cranes by construction enterprises

in the tower crane leasing industry, it is found that there are some problems neglected by construction units in the use and safety of tower cranes. I am responsible for relevant technical and safety work, Talk about personal experience:

(1) measure the cross-sectional diameter at both ends and the middle of the specimen. What type of tower crane is needed on the construction site and the relevant layout of the location of the tower crane. The construction unit often makes a choice based on its own experience without consulting the professional tower crane installation company in advance, This situation is very likely to cause the failure to select the tower crane that is most suitable for the construction site and the unreasonable layout of the tower crane, which will add additional costs to the construction unit in the future construction process, especially in the construction of large-scale buildings, which require multiple tower cranes to be used at the same time, It is more important to consult the professional tower crane installation company in advance and come up with the most reasonable tower crane configuration plan

(2) excavation depth of foundation pit of tower crane: now the building height of construction engineering is generally higher, and tower cranes are often required to attach walls to buildings. However, there are relevant requirements for the installation position of wall attached frames of some domestic tower cranes on the tower body, which affects the excavation depth of foundation pit, which requires the construction unit to consult with the tower crane installation company in advance, The foundation construction is carried out according to the technical requirements of the tower crane installation company. For example, the wall attachment position of f0/23b series tower cranes is in the middle of the standard section of the tower body, while the wall attachment position of domestic old model small tower cranes is basically unlimited

(3) disassembly should be considered before the installation of tower cranes (this article is closely related to Article 1): This article is often ignored by construction units. Unconventional disassembly of tower cranes often requires large cranes to cooperate with hoisting. On the one hand, there are few enterprises in these popular markets, and necessary reinforcement measures are often required on buildings, What's more, sometimes it is necessary to carry out demolition operations on the building floor, etc., which will increase costs and additional risks to the construction unit. Therefore, the construction unit should try to ensure that the tower crane can be disassembled normally. If abnormal disassembly must be adopted, an economic, reasonable and safe disassembly scheme is required

(4) inspection and maintenance of tower cranes: now many construction units have purchased tower cranes by themselves instead of renting tower cranes according to their needs. They must pass the relevant inspection units for technical and safety tests before each installation and use of tower cranes. After the disassembly of tower cranes, professional companies should be invited to carry out relevant maintenance, In particular, some tower cranes have been used for a long time and are close to their service life, so it is more important to do well in relevant technical and safety tests. Normal maintenance must be carried out every day, and professional personnel must be invited to carry out regular maintenance, so as to avoid tower crane accidents and heavy losses to the construction unit

(5) the problem of lifting heavy objects during the use of the tower crane: during the construction of the construction unit, sometimes it is necessary to use the tower crane to lift heavy objects (the weight of these objects is close to the allowable rated load of the tower crane itself). At this time, it should be considered that the lifting performance of some tower cranes may be reduced due to their long service life, The construction unit should consult in advance, which is also the best attribute of this pioneering material. Consult the opinions of the tower crane installation company

(6) cooperation of the construction unit during the installation and disassembly of tower cranes:

during the installation and disassembly of tower cranes, the construction unit should arrange special safety personnel to cooperate with the installation company to do a good job in safety protection and coordination in the operation area to prevent irrelevant personnel from entering the operation area, which is often ignored by the construction unit. The installation and disassembly of tower cranes is a high-risk operation, and the site situation is often changing rapidly, At this time, the construction unit needs special personnel to coordinate and cooperate, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the whole installation and demolition operation

(7) the setting and staffing of the mechanical equipment department of construction units: at present, some construction units have not set up mechanical management departments, nor have they configured full-time tower crane management personnel. The installation, disassembly and use of tower cranes are high-risk operations, and the management of special equipment such as tower cranes by the state is becoming increasingly strict. Therefore, it is a top priority for the construction unit to set up a machinery management department and allocate full-time tower crane managers, and there are high requirements for full-time tower crane managers:

be familiar with the structure and principle of tower cranes, be familiar with relevant laws and regulations, have the ability of on-site safety inspection and evaluation, accident emergency treatment, and can put forward relevant plans, which must not be managed by other managers part-time

to sum up, if the construction unit can solve the above problems in time during the use of tower cranes, it can effectively reduce costs and risks

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