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Several problems about the color of color newspapers

in recent years, China's newspaper industry has developed rapidly, showing unprecedented vitality. The number of newspapers has mushroomed, causing fierce market competition, and the colorful color newspapers have formed a beautiful scenery. Entering the era of reading pictures, color newspapers have won the favor of readers with their bright colors, clear pictures and novel content

however, due to the progress of science and technology, the inevitability of competition and the aesthetic requirements of readers, the speed of the popularity of color newspapers is unexpected, and the color newspapers that are rushed out are not all satisfactory. Although many newspapers use color means, they may not be able to achieve the objective effect expected by the newspaper operators. Many color newspapers have various problems in the use of color, which can be summarized in four aspects:

first, the color is single, lack of contrast

newspapers do not make full use of color to infect readers. There is conceptualization and simplification in the use of color, red is red, yellow is yellow, blue is blue, Newspaper practitioners lack a rational understanding of color, which is no wonder that the use of color is unprofessional. Therefore, when marking colors, we can't pursue variety in the same color, nor be good at making color mixing produce rich feelings, can't reflect the subtle changes of color, can't achieve the richness of color, nor can we have the beauty of gorgeous, eye-catching, rhythm and rhythm produced by color contrast

second, regardless of primary and secondary, there is no tone

the use of color pays attention to contrast and unity, that is, seeking unity in comparison, and there is contrast in unity. In order to pursue the contrast and richness of colors, some color newspapers blindly use colors without any taboos, resulting in excessive and excessive use of colors on a page, resulting in chaotic visual effects, inconsistent tone, and no mainstream colors and color tendencies that dominate the whole page

third, the purity is too high, lack of hierarchy

the standard color is too simple, only the saturated color with high purity and the direct color on the screen, that is, the primary color, will not use mixed color (intermediate color), multicolor and complementary color. Color has three elements: hue, lightness and purity. The change of any one of these elements will cause different color effects and feelings. If the color is too simple and saturated, it will inevitably lack a sense of hierarchy, and it will also give people a "dazzling" and uncomfortable feeling, so as to achieve the purpose of transmitting beautiful visual effects with color

IV. improper use of color, color does not express meaning

the color of color newspaper is mainly used in several aspects, namely, color photos, titles, lace patterns and patterns. In addition to color photos, the most important thing is the use of headline color. Striking headlines is the common pursuit of newspaper operators. Only by using the appropriate font size, font type and color, can the headlines be eye-catching. The color of the title should consider the content and emotional color, otherwise it is bound to achieve the opposite effect. For example, in the question of "too black" in the law enforcement team of assured meat inspection in a newspaper, the word "black" is bright red, and the rest is black, so the color is reversed. If the word "black" is strengthened with black, it can better reflect the article. The title of a newspaper is "red planet - Mars", all in red, which is very appropriate, in line with the meaning of the text, and strengthens the theme of the article. Another example is the topic "how sunshine flowers survive the winter", which uses dark green. Its color conforms to the color of green plants, making people feel that the color is very accurate and natural

there are many reasons for the current color problems of color newspapers, mainly including the following points: first, computer operators lack professional color knowledge, and their professional quality needs to be further improved; Second, the fine arts with professional knowledge of chromatics did not play an important role in taking RGM ⑵ 00 as an example, and there was a disconnect between art editing and post needs in the publishing link; Third, practitioners do not pay enough attention to the means of color. They believe that as long as they mark color according to their preferences, it is a lottery. Even if the color is used improperly, it will not be recognized as a mistake. This inevitably leads to the generalization of newspapers and the vulgarization of colors

how to use color to serve newspapers is an important topic in front of journalists at present. Practitioners need to master certain professional knowledge of color, and art can play a better role. They can arm and train computer operators and editors with professional knowledge of art editing. In other words, in the process of color newspaper publishing, art editors can play a decisive role. Zhengzhou evening news, which once won the second place in the national lottery competition, is an example

the color used for color newspaper, that is, the printing color is usually four colors: red, yellow, blue and black, that is, three primary colors plus black. The mixing of three primary colors can produce interchrome (two-color mixing), multicolor (three color mixing), plus black mixing, can produce a myriad of color effects. Using a color alone is an effect, and using it together with other colors is another effect, which is called the contrast effect of color. There are four kinds of contrast: hue contrast, lightness contrast, purity contrast, and warm and cold contrast. The visual effect is different with the color environment. Colors are also divided into the same color and contrast color, cold color and warm color, dark color and light color, and so on. As a color newspaper practitioner, we should master the basic knowledge and basic laws of color, and successfully apply them to work practice. Only in this way can the color newspaper really be loved and recognized by readers

several problems that should be paid attention to in the use of color:

1. Make an article on the title

the title is the highlight of the color newspaper and an important color marking area of the color newspaper. Between the black text and the color pictures, we should rely on certain titles with color feeling to intersperse and connect, so as to form a unified and harmonious overall layout. Color has the function of reading guidance. The title color is prominent and the contrast is strong, so the visual impact is strong, and the importance of the article is obvious. No matter how colorful the layout is, black is the foundation and an important factor for the stability of the layout. Color pictures have poor variability, and they often cannot change their colors at will in order to show authenticity. In this way, the color of title words should be flexible to achieve the best overall effect. In specific application, sometimes a title can be divided into several parts, and its principle is to highlight the main words, emphasize the theme and weaken the subtitle. Black is one of the most basic colors of color newspaper. Some people think that black is not color. In fact, in China's unified painting, ink has been divided into five colors for a long time. The intensity of black varies infinitely. The black title words are solemn and eye-catching. With the background of color shading, sometimes the effect is better than using bright colors directly. Generally, the color of title words (including lines) should not exceed three colors, otherwise it will appear messy. The three colors can be compared, and they can pursue change in the same color. When the full page color pictures are many, the title color should be mainly black, supplemented by color. When the color pictures are few, the title color should be rich, because it shoulders the important task of adjusting the overall color of the layout

2. Decorative means that attach importance to color

the use of color is to achieve an ideal decorative effect, so all colors on the page are for the same purpose to beautify the page and please readers. When there are few color pictures on the layout, you can use more color wireframes and lines; When there are many color pictures, black or gray lines and wireframes can be used. When pressing words on a color map, it is usually necessary to tick the white edge or edge, and its color should be different from the color and brightness of the color map itself. When the title area is sub deep, all negative words should be used; When the title area is shallow, the title words should be dark, and the colorful places on the color newspaper are on the color map itself and the title

3. Skillfully use the contrast technique

when the two colors are separated and juxtaposed, the effect is different, which is the contrast effect of colors. In the process of color newspaper arrangement, if we can properly and skillfully use contrast, we can get twice the result with half the effort. The usual contrast colors are red and green, blue and orange, yellow and purple, also known as complementary colors. Complementary colors should pay attention to the use area and purity. For example, when red and green are used together, it is not beautiful when the area is equal or close, while the test steps of hydraulic universal testing machine and the relevant introduction of oil pump commissioning are more harmonious when one is large, one is small, or one is deep and one is shallow, "A little red in the 10000 green clusters (2) dig a hole downward in the installation position of the hydraulic universal testing machine" and "the rise and fall of the national billet market on the 6th of the 10000 Red show each other, and a little green in the clusters" will give people a good comparative beauty. If the title word is purple, you can use the contrast color - yellow when checking the edge. Because the area of the two colors is quite different, there are primary and secondary, which looks eye-catching and elegant

using the same color can also produce rich color effects. For example, crimson, Fuchsia, rose red, scarlet, vermilion, orange red, pink, magenta, etc. are all red, belonging to the same color. With different lightness and purity, they can also produce rich and soft effects

the contrast of colors should have a degree, that is, enough is enough. In order to avoid excessive contrast, the purity must be adjusted when using colors, such as yellow and black, which have the largest visible distance in colors, so railway and highway signs are commonly used. However, for titles, it is not necessary to create the maximum visible distance. In order to avoid too bright colors, you can use more intermediate colors and complex colors. Some titles use bright red, which feels too bright, and you can use black or gray to hook the edges. In this way, there is a transition and buffer between the title word and the background color, which makes it more stable. Jinna articles are subtitles. If each title is marked with a color, it is bound to cause a messy feeling. You can unify the color to achieve the whole. The collected articles can also be tiled with a light background, which is different from other articles, and forms a whole plate, that is, breaking up into whole. For large articles, the subtitles should be eye-catching and prominent, so as to adjust the layout and cause visual jumping and segmentation, that is, the means of breaking up into parts

in short, the use of color in color newspapers is both a means and an art, which requires practitioners to constantly explore and summarize in order to please readers. Only in this way can their newspapers be invincible in the fierce market competition

source: Research on urban party newspapers

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