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Several problems of station operation and development

the operation of a large station project cannot be separated from the close cooperation of a team. This team is mainly composed of two parts: operation and development. However, there are great differences between operators and developers in many aspects, such as professional experience, work role and cognitive level, which will inevitably lead to contradictions and conflicts in many links such as planning, development and launching of the station. Dealing with the problems between station operation and development is an important factor to determine whether a station project can succeed in the end. Combined with some understanding of station operation for several years, I summarize the following views

how does the operation lead the demand analysis and make the R & D adapt to it? This is a problem of demand analysis. In the process of project development, this kind of situation often occurs: the operators think that the requirements provided have been in place, while the developers think that the requirements are still not detailed enough, resulting in no way to start, and the two sides argue endlessly about this

on this issue, we should first make it clear that operation plays a leading role in demand. Operators should analyze and elaborate the needs of project development as clearly as possible at all stages of planning, development and operation, so as to facilitate the acceptance and implementation of developers. The main task of developers is to analyze the system and technology in combination with the requirements. Sometimes the description of the implementation of operational requirements is indeed vague, which requires the development and analysis personnel to constantly communicate and "translate" with the operators to provide the optimal logic processing mechanism for the system implementation

if the operators can consider the station system architecture as much as possible, provide a more detailed description of the logical relationship in the overall demand planning, and at the same time, the developers can also strive to understand the operation intention of the demand, grasp the direction of the demand and subdivide it, then the above problem can be solved

how can operators and developers communicate effectively? When operators and developers communicate, there is often a situation of chicken talking with duck. Operators mostly consider whether the station reflects the original intention? Is it convenient for user operation and daily management? How to adjust the layout to make the station more attractive? The developers mostly consider whether the station has been designed and implemented in accordance with the "requirements specification"? Where are program vulnerabilities and redundancy? Will overly complex query conditions affect the overall performance of the station? When communicating, both parties will point out the shortcomings of the other party according to their own thinking, which makes communication difficult

to solve the problem of effective communication, we must first strengthen business learning. It's difficult for operators who don't understand the technology at all and don't consider the system performance, implementation mechanism and feasibility at all. Similarly, development is not only based on the task as the core, but also on the "requirements specification" as the standard. If the development intention cannot be well understood, the developed station is too mechanical to meet the needs. Secondly, we should be good at listening to and affirming the other party's demands, and try to understand the motivation behind the other party's complaint with the attitude of empathy, and constantly give positive feedback. It should be understood that operation and development are complementary and inseparable. Mutual recognition and encouragement is much greater than the encouragement between the same roles

how to reach a consensus on local conflicts between station operation and development? In the process of development and operation, various conflicts often occur. From the conflict of demand analysis mentioned above, to the conflict between project development progress and time management. 4. It is suitable for the batch detection and sorting of springs on the production line, to the conflict between the new demand response and the integration of the existing architecture, and even the conflict between the performance evaluation of the operation and development teams. The existence of these conflicts is normal and unavoidable, but they all impact and hinder the success of the project, which must be taken seriously and resolved

to solve the conflict between operation and development, we must stand under the common vision. With an exciting and exciting common vision, we can reach corresponding consensus at different stages of project progress. The consensus in the demand analysis stage is to give a perfect project architecture planning and development plan; The consensus in the development stage of the station is to strive to complete the development task 100% on the premise of ensuring that the fasteners of project 43 are launched on schedule; The consensus in the operation stage of the station is to drive the follow-up development by operation, and develop 100% to serve the needs of operation. Reflected in various specific conflicts, it is not difficult for us to make the right choice according to the above consensus

user experience issues

domain name: the shorter, the easier to remember, the more personality, the better

browsing station: the more information you are interested in, the better, and the less irrelevant things, the better; Although users have different tastes, birds of a feather flock together. After targeting the target audience, there are always rules to follow

registration: you can not register/log in without registering/logging in; If you can fill in less registration information, fill in less; You don't need to enter the verification code. Users are always busy and lazy, so they should try their best to meet their "lazy" needs

user center: present the information that users are most concerned about and the most commonly used functions at the first time; Realize the historical save and introduce the functions you want users to use in the simplest way; It's best that users can play flexibly without looking at help

publish information: it's best that the system can predict what users want to publish, so it doesn't have to fill in a lot of information; (remember the user's previous operation records; provide information category retrieval to be published; provide default options)

interactive communication: users always like to express their own ideas. When the station affirms or even praises the user's ideas, the user's heart is happy, and he will definitely add the station to his favorites, or even set it as the home page. There is no doubt that the station should provide as many places and opportunities for users to express their opinions and contribute their wisdom as possible, including uploading materials, publishing information, commenting, posting on forums, participating in user surveys, etc

user experience is sometimes elusive and irregular, but there are always clues. Only through continuous adjustment, trial and innovation can we best combine station research and development with user experience

user experience is not only the key consideration of operators, but also the concern of developers. In particular, the application of some new technologies, such as Ajax, can effectively improve the user experience. For developers, fully considering the user experience of all links in the process of station development can get twice the result with half the effort, and increase the humanization and sense of achievement of station development

product awareness: station operation and development is product operation and development. Station operators and developers should establish product awareness, and clearly know that the station we do is valuable, and it will create value for more users. Here I quote the four suggestions in the article "excellent R & D personnel should have design concept and product awareness" as follows:

"we should establish the product development concept and awareness that R & D personnel should take into account in addition to technology, consider it synchronously when using technology, achieve design for X, avoid excessive technology standard, and establish correct R & D values."

"we should establish a proactive design concept, and try to prevent possible problems of related products in the R & D stage, so as to avoid the increase of losses caused by problems in the later stage of the product development process and the waste of rework debug."

"it is necessary to establish engineers' positive R & D values and capabilities, assume the sense of product competitiveness of enterprises (R & D determines 80% of the competitiveness of products), do a good job in the source management of product development, help reduce subsequent development problems, not only greatly reduce the cost and time of product development, but also make products more Q, C, D competitive after listing, and create higher added value."

"we should establish the thinking of R & D team to complete the R & D work more efficiently with a more effective team division of labor."

seo problem: SEO (search engine optimization) is a unique feature of station project operation and development. From the perspective of technology development, SEO is a technical problem, and in the eyes of station operators, SEO is a very operational work

in the planning and development stage of the station project, SEO should be fully taken into account. In addition to the conventional SEO technical specifications, the optimization direction after the station goes online should also be clear. For example, cosmetics sales stations can build special topics or columns in the direction of cosmetics brands, popular cosmetics categories, cosmetics use guides, etc., carry out content indexing and listing, and increase the weight of search engines

after the operation of the station began, the operators also took over the burden of SEO. The essence of SEO is the same as improving the user experience, and the focus is to enrich the content relevance of the station, especially the grasp of the original content, which is more to the appetite of search engines. SEO is not a matter of three or two days, but long-term persistence. On this basis, combined with the station's product sales structure and perfect after-sales evaluation system, we can effectively transform SEO Traffic to potential customers

the interconnected world is growing rapidly. All the workers who participated in the operation and development of the station are experiencing unprecedented practice that due to the rise of oil price, the price of PE and PP with oil as raw materials has increased, while the price of PVC is stable, giving a development opportunity to PVC based plastic wood composites, and witnessing the brilliance of the industry. The problems between station operation and development are far more than the above. The author is here to attract jade, hoping that more operators and developers will pay attention to our common problems

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