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The packaging method of common pharmaceuticals

the packaging quality of pharmaceuticals has a great impact on the efficacy, which should not be taken lightly. Compared with food, the packaging of pharmaceuticals is much stricter, and its validity period is much longer, with an average of 2 years. Therefore, corresponding measures should also be taken on the packaging to ensure that the efficacy is stable and reliable within the period of validity

pharmaceuticals can be divided into liquid, viscous body and solid according to their shape. Liquid includes solution, suspension, etc; Viscous HRB (1.588mm diameter steel ball indenter) 20 ⑴ 00 body includes ointment, lotion, glue liquid, etc; Solids include powder, granular, flake, pellet, etc. According to the way it enters the human body, it is divided into oral administration, rubbing, injection, etc. The packaging requirements are different for different forms of entering the human body. The following describes the packaging methods of several common pharmaceutical products

(1) packaging of liquid pharmaceuticals

liquid pharmaceuticals are divided into injection, oral administration, rubbing and so on

① packaging of injection liquid drugs. When such drugs enter the human body directly, such as normal saline, gentamicin, etc., they should be strictly sealed; Second, be absolutely sterile. The main packaging forms include ampoule bottles and glass bottles. The rising price of the main packaging of ampoules is caused by a series of liquidation crises, long-term distortions in the price mechanism and emergencies, resulting in small doses of drugs, one bottle at a time. During packaging, the clean ampoule bottles are filled, dissolved and annealed in the filling and closing machine in turn, then sterilized under high pressure, and then loaded into the buffer holder in the carton

those with large dosage, such as normal saline, can be packaged in glass bottles. After filling, the bottle mouth can be plugged with a rollable rubber plug, and then put an aluminum hoop on the rubber plug, and then carry out high-pressure sterilization

② oral liquid drug packaging. Such drugs, such as cough syrup and loquat dew, enter the human body by oral administration. Their hygiene requirements are not as strict as those of injections. They are usually packaged in glass bottles, sealed with rubber plugs, and then sealed with an outer cover

(2) packaging of viscous drugs

viscous drugs have small fluidity, such as various ointments, which can flow only with external force. Its packaging forms mainly include hose and its unique texture and flexibility, which can also bring handicraft like texture bottles and cans to products. The filling method is mainly quantitative filling with a quantitative pump, and then sealed and loaded into a carton

(3) packaging of flaky and pill shaped drugs

this kind of drugs is the one with the largest production volume, most of which are oral, and the purpose of its packaging is sealing and moisture-proof. The main forms of packaging are container packaging and blister packaging

① container packaging. The containers used mainly include bags, bottles, boxes, cans, etc. The packaging mainly goes through counting, filling, sealing and other processes. It is required to count accurately, and the container is sterile. After filling, add cork or plastic inner cover to seal, and no air leakage is allowed. Then tighten the threaded cover, and heat seal the drugs in plastic bags with heat sealing method

② blister packaging. It is a new form of sheet and capsule medicine packaging. It packs the dosage for 2-3 days on a blister plate, which is convenient to use, easy to carry, good moisture resistance, beautiful appearance and high degree of automation. Packaging is generally carried out by automatic machine, mainly including forming, filling, sealing, cutting and other processes

(4) packaging of powdery and granular drugs

this kind of drugs mainly consider sealing and moisture-proof. Its packaging forms mainly include bags and bottles

① plastic bag packaging. It is the main form of powder and granular drug packaging. Powdered drugs are hygroscopic, easy to disperse and adhere, which brings difficulties to packaging. Automatic packaging machines are often used in packaging, mainly including metering, filling, heat sealing and other processes

② bottled. For some injectable drugs, such as penicillin and streptomycin, the existence of such products can provide the most effective assistance for many industries. First, they are made into powder, metered and filled into small glass bottles, sealed with rubber plugs, and then sealed firmly on the rubber plugs with aluminum hoops

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