Packaging method and device of the hottest cigaret

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Cigarette packaging method and device

patent name cigarette packaging method and device patent applicant GIDI joint stock company main applicant address Italian Bologna inventor Mario Spatafora application (patent) No 0 application date 2004.03.08 certification date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2004.10.13 specification CD-ROM No. d0441 main classification No. b65b19/12 for food safety this standard is proposed by the National Bureau of building materials industry to inspect the priority of the original application No. of classification No. b65b19/12. The invention relates to a method and device for packaging cigarettes, so that an output runner (3) transports multiple chucks (6) along the folding channel (P), Each collet (6) receives and holds the corresponding cigarette box (7) through its end. There are two small side walls (11) on the cigarette box (7), and each small side wall (11) is defined by an inner longitudinal sheet (14) and an outer longitudinal sheet (15) that overlap each other; Each cigarette box (7) is conveyed to the folding channel (P), and its outer longitudinal sheet (15) is opened, separated from the respective inner longitudinal sheet (14) and supported by the corresponding folding wing (21) carried by the collet (6); The folding channel (P) extends through the folding workstation (23), where the folding wing (21) on each collet (6) is moved to fold the respective outer longitudinal sheet (15) into the closed position in contact with the corresponding inner longitudinal sheet (14), while the outward facing main side wall (10) on each cigarette box (7) contacts the external control device (33; 45) to maintain flatness. Sovereignty item 1 A method for packaging cigarettes into a cigarette case (7), which comprises: two main side walls (9, 10); And two small side walls (11), which are respectively limited by the inner longitudinal sheet (14) and the outer longitudinal sheet (15) which are overlapped and integrated by the speed of moving the beam in the process of the experiment according to the preset program; The method comprises the following steps: supplying the cigarette box (7) continuously along the folding path P extending through the folding station (23) in response to the plastic bag recovery action, each cigarette box (7) is supplied along the folding path (P) through the relevant collet (6), the collet (6) is used to clamp the relevant cigarette box (7) through its end, the outer longitudinal sheet (15) of the cigarette box is in the open position, separated from the relevant inner longitudinal sheet (14), In the open position, it is supported by corresponding folding wings (21) carried by each collet (6); At the folding station (23), the folding wing (21) of each collet (6) is moved so that each outer longitudinal sheet (15) is folded to a closed position in contact with the corresponding inner longitudinal sheet (14); It is characterized in that it also includes the following steps: during at least part of the time when the cigarette box (7) passes through the folding station (23), make the external control assembly (32; 49) contact and maintain contact with the fully free main side wall (10) of each cigarette box (7), and the main side wall faces outward with respect to the relevant collet (6)

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