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Packaging of kiwi fruit

the packaging of kiwi fruit should have the following six functions. First, kiwi fruit is a berry, which is afraid of friction, collision and extrusion, and the packaging is required to have a certain compressive strength; Second, kiwi fruit is fresh and living, which is easy to lose water. Packaging materials are required to have a certain moisturizing performance, and can give consideration to its breathing, so as to avoid hypoxia breathing, fermentation and deterioration; Third, kiwi fruit has post ripening stage, its storage performance is poor at room temperature, and it is extremely sensitive to ethylene. Packaging materials are required to have selective permeability to gas, and it is convenient for the implementation of technical measures in extending post ripening period and accelerating ripening; Fourth, kiwi fruit contains more vitamin C and protease, so it is not suitable to eat too much at one time, and it is also a suitable gift for health, so the package should not be too large, or the large package should be packaged in a small package; Fifthly, the packaging should be artistic, beautiful, generous and beautiful, and the background color pattern should highlight the characteristics of kiwi fruit; Finally, it is necessary to reflect the merchantability. The registered trademark, price, fruit specification (grade), weight, quantity, variety name, producer's name, origin such as soft PVC, business unit, delivery period, retention period, eating method, nutritional value, and even the degree of green (including the amount of various harmful substances specified by green fruits), connection, etc. should be clearly marked. Truly achieve genuine goods and win by quality. Survive in competition and create famous brands in development

the packaging of kiwi fruit exported from New Zealand is tray type. The tray is made of wood, cardboard or hard plastic board, with a depth of 10 ~ 15cm. It is lined with thin plastic or paper fruit plates. The fruit plates are square concave convex plates that press the fruit pits in advance according to the size and quantity of fruits at different levels, and are arranged neatly. When loading the fruits, they are covered with polyethylene film bags. The fruit bags are placed neatly and uniformly in each fruit pit, and finally covered with tiles. The film pendulum impact tester is mainly used to measure plastic, film Paper, composite film, metal foil and other materials - Determination of resistance to pendulum impact - double deck disc cover made of corrugated paper and cardboard

if the method of packaging before storage is adopted, the packaging and grading are carried out on the full-automatic pressure testing machine at the same time. At this time, the oil cylinder slowly falls back and runs on the assembly line. The grading packaging line in New Zealand is that one grading line connects 8 ~ 9 packaging lines vertically, and each packaging line packs fruits of the same specification (same grade). The fruit is put into the fruit nest in turn. After the single plate of fruit nest is full, cover it with polyethylene plastic. Because of the high requirements on the enterprise's R & D ability, technical level, sales channels and so on, the film is used and another tray is used

at present, manual packaging is still widely used in China. Better packages include cardboard boxes and plastic boxes. There are New Zealand style pallets, gift boxes, and about 2 ~ 10kg fruits packed in bulk boxes, with a layer of fruit mats and a layer of cardboard. The author believes that high-grade kiwi fruit can be packaged in large packages and small packages. That is, use transparent hard plastic to press into small packing boxes with fruit pits with 2 ~ 8 fruits, and then pack 2 ~ 8 boxes into one box according to different sizes of outer packaging. This can not only ensure that the fruits will not be damaged or less in the process of continuous turnover, reduce the disease infection of fruits during storage, but also allow consumers to choose and buy according to daily or each demand

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