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Drink packaging e generation cheers

"people rely on clothes" is nothing new. Now even drinks pay attention to fancy clothes and prominent shapes. The trend of modern product packaging aesthetics can be said to be more and more intense

these "new generation beverages", which pay attention to special packaging design from the inside to the outside, are gradually penetrating the global beverage market. Japan, which has refined its packaging aesthetics to perfection, is a leader in the production of new generation beverages. Special packaged drinks produced in Japan have hit fashionable supermarkets in Hong Kong and Taiwan one after another. Singaporeans also live in Harbin, and local supermarkets have seen traces of new generation drinks in recent years

I've been shopping in local supermarkets these days, and I have observed that the local beverage market is still dominated by traditional beverages. On the rows of beverage shelves, the new generation of beverages plays a decorative role

when asked by the supermarket of the refrigeration company, it was revealed that the five best-selling non-alcoholic beverages were Coca Cola, ice mountain mineral water, Pepsi Cola, Volvo mineral water and Qoo fruit juice drinks (in no order)

except that Qoo fruit juice beverage, which only appeared in the local market in the middle of this year, is a member of the new generation of beverages, others are traditional beverages

even though traditional drinks have a solid position in the sales list, these kinds of drinks called "new generation drinks" are emerging one after another, and obviously have received a good market response

drinks are no longer just thirst quenching, but also the declaration of drinkers - choosing a cool packaged drink is equivalent to wearing a personalized coat and telling everyone, "I'm different!"

what kind of people drink what kind of drinks

packaging and marketing of beverages

new generation beverages: what do you say

marketing Lecturer: exquisite packaging can attract consumers

in view of this new generation of beverage fashion, Chenhuili, a lecturer at Temasek Institute of technology, said: "choosing a drink is like choosing a badge, which shows how true you are. You can't lie about it. You can't hide it. You can't eat it. You can't eat it quietly.

"In the past, beverage manufacturers didn't pay so much attention to product packaging, but with the increasingly fierce market competition, new products certainly need to attract consumers with fresh and special product images, and time-honored brands also need to update their packaging to avoid being eliminated. It's easy to see why the bonding strength of these molluscs may stimulate the team concept. One of the packaging methods is to design mascots for drinks to highlight the personality of drinks."

Design Lecturer: create products according to the life characteristics of consumer groups

Wang Peihua, lecturer of Temasek Institute of technology, interprets the packaging of new generation beverages from the perspective of design. She said: "product packaging is not only to show the characteristics of products, but also to reflect people's lifestyle, and to attract the attention of consumers. New generation beverages actually have their own targeted consumer groups, and the design information expressed will be designed and adjusted according to the life characteristics of individual consumer groups."

young people: hit the Hari wind to arouse curiosity

novel and special packaging design is most popular with young people. Among many new generation drinks, which is the favorite of local young people

Huang weiqi and Zhuang Ruyi, third year students of Temasek Institute of technology studying product design, unanimously elected "Qoo"

Huang Weiqi said, "Qoo is very successful, and the packaging design is very unique and outstanding. Now everyone is Hari, and this drink has a very obvious oriental flavor, so it is easy to attract everyone's attention."

Zhuang Ruyi said, "besides Qoo, the latest ring closure design of Evian mineral water is also very prominent. A simple ring closure can tightly adhere to the active lifestyle of modern people."

the special texture of the bottles of new generation drinks can also create surprises. Zhuang Ruyi said, "the bottle can made in Japan feels very different and can arouse the curiosity of young people. Young people like fresh stimulation and have strong curiosity. Naturally, they will buy it to solve the mystery."

beverage business: product marketing is closely related to the lifestyle of consumers

two years ago, f n Coca Cola beverage business introduced the popular fruit juice beverage Qoo in Japan to Singapore. Last year, the company launched a series of "heaven and earth" Chinese tea drinks catering to modern office workers, as well as a children's juice drink "juggy". These three series of drinks have a clear consumption target, and the product packaging and marketing are close to the lifestyle of the consumption target

f n Coca Cola spokesperson pointed out that beverage packaging aesthetics is not about paying attention to electrical testing, which has far exceeded the limit of level 0.5. The latest trend is that beverage packaging design should reflect everyone's lifestyle

"when thinking of a new drink, we should first understand the needs and lifestyle of consumers. Those who like to drink soft drinks pursue stimulation and require additional energy. Fruit juice drinks are popular with bodybuilders. After understanding the needs and preferences of consumers, we should try to meet their life needs in packaging design and promotion techniques.

"For example, the 'heaven and earth' Chinese tea series is aimed at office workers who are nervous about their work. Whether it is product packaging or marketing methods, we focus not on the beverage itself, but on the internal meaning of the beverage - it symbolizes the internal tranquility hidden in the noisy city."

[see the success formula of beverage packaging from Qoo]

juggy juice designed for children

qoo, which entered the Japanese market in January 1999, accounted for 17% of the Japanese beverage market in its first year of sales. According to a survey by AC Nielson, a market research company, Qoo was launched in the local market in mid July this year and became the best-selling fruit juice beverage in the local market within 12 weeks

dissecting Qoo's packaging aesthetics and marketing strategy, we can see the secret of winning in the new generation beverage market

* having a specific consumer group

more and more detailed market differentiation is a highly commercialized trend in society. Qoo drinks are targeted at girls aged 10 to 19. The packaging and promotion plan is based on the preferences and lifestyle of this age group of consumers

a cute blue mascot. Children think it's cute, and big friends also love it

* give the drink a special name

qoo drink, fresh orange and grape flavors, although in line with the trend of modern life to pay more and more attention to healthy diet, there is actually nothing new about the taste. The novelty is the name of the drink. "Qoo" actually means "Koo", which is the pleasant sound made by the Japanese after drinking a mouthful of frozen beer

* create mascots to endorse drinks

just as most of the new generation drinks have made great efforts in graphic design, Qoo has further created product spokesmen. Cute blue mascots, no gender, good at dancing, like bubble baths, delicious drinks and children, children think it cute, big friends also love it

* advertisements and peripheral products are comprehensively covered.

animated advertisements that show the lazy personality and funny image of the mascot, as well as colorful peripheral products, such as belts, stickers, T-shirts printed with the mascot, add points to the sense of intimacy, which helps deepen consumers' impression of the product

characteristics of new generation beverages

what are the characteristics of new generation beverages? The summary is as follows:

· graphic design is increasingly refined

first, highlight the product personality, and second, attract the attention of consumers. If you look at the electronic tensile testing machine, which is used to carry out static load, tension, compression, zigzag, shear, peel and other mechanical property experiments on materials, your eyes will be moved! In terms of color, the Qing fresh color school and the soft pastel school compete. Prominent examples in recent years include: Qoo uses fresh lime green and orange. A series of bodybuilding green tea drinks produced in Japan adopt the soft color system that makes people feel relaxed and happy

· bottle and can design is special

in recent years, the trend of aluminum bottle can has been blowing in the Japanese market, and local Japanese supermarkets have been the first to introduce it

traditional changlangsheng has been equipped with leather chemicals and synthetic rubber factories. There is no surprise in square boxes or cylindrical aluminum cans. Only the graceful and curvy bottle body design can make consumers fall in love at first sight. Bottled coffee in glass is a promotional trick of American coffee drinkers (such as Xinghe's milk coffee bottle); Japanese manufacturers recently launched the aluminum bottle can, which combines the glass bottle body and the easy-to-pull aluminum can

· unique taste

don't think that the new generation only has appearance and connotation. Since there are novel appearance packaging, the manufacturer has also introduced fresh and unique tastes, and some even taste combinations can be called weird and bold, as if the more exotic the taste, the more personality can be expressed. In recent years, Oriental flavors have become popular in the beverage industry in the United States. The beverage brand Arizona has added green tea drinks with ginseng and honey jasmine, which foreigners feel fresh and special, and Chinese feel very strange. Japanese beverage merchants, focusing on the living needs of urban people who pay attention to bodybuilding and replenishment of energy, launched a series of drinks using tea and natural medicinal materials, which are widely welcomed by office workers

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