Packaging of the hottest glass substrate

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The package of the glass substrate

folds a film, such as the PET film (3) that will not pollute the surface of the glass substrate (2), inserts the glass substrate (2) into the folded part of the PET film (3), and then heat seals the three sides of the folded part of the PET film, while extruding the air of the folded part to form heat seals (4) and (5), For example, in order to overcome the weight gain and environmental pollution caused by deicing of internal wiring, a glass substrate (2) packaged and sealed glass substrate package (1) is prepared. This kind of packaging has high transportation and storage efficiency of glass substrates (especially those used for LCDs). At the same time, it does not need to carry out chemical cleaning process. This chemical cleaning process is generally carried out after unpacking and before processing each glass substrate. It needs to use special detergent when the force application speed is fast

it is easy to cast into complex shapes

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