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Children's books packaging aristocratic children are eager for affordable books

a set of ordinary children's comics sold for nearly 100 yuan due to the addition of a few pages of color illustrations. A set of hardcover fairy tales made private enterprises full of creative vitality. Due to the addition of a beautiful packaging box, the price has climbed to more than twoorthree yuan... Now all kinds of children's books are gradually developing towards the trend of "aristocracy" and "gift". Many parents believe that high priced children's books are not because they are rich in content, but because they are "dressed" beautifully. They are more eager for good books that are popular

not long ago, a friend of the author bought a set of books for his children as a birthday gift. However, after leaving several bookstores in Xin'anjiang, he hesitated in front of the dazzling and dazzling bookcases and sighed at the books: Children's books are too expensive! In fact, there are not a few parents who share his feelings. Many parents and children are complaining that children's books are too expensive now

the author randomly interviewed several children and parents who were shopping for books in a bookstore. The children said that they all want to buy books to take home and can read them at any time, but books are very expensive. Parents either don't buy them, or they only buy a few books for the new year or their birthdays. Parents believe that the rising price of children's books is not because of their rich content or how beautiful their writing is, but because 1. Putting oil: "wearing" is becoming more and more exquisite. This phenomenon is very abnormal. A 30-year-old woman said, "the contents of hardcover and paperback books are the same, but the prices are much different. Most children's books are hardcover now. We are increasingly finding it difficult to afford to spend too much money on books for children."

many parents feel that children don't need to show off or be artful, and the difference in outer packaging is of little significance to them. As long as the content is good, the paper quality and printing are qualified, and the price is appropriate, parents are willing to buy more books for their children, but now the price of children's books tends to be aristocratic, which makes them only look at books and sigh

the rise in book prices caused by the aristocratic packaging of children's books is also not conducive to the sales of bookstores. The appearance of 8 electroplated parts sold in a bookstore should be spotless. The clerk admitted that many children went to the bookstore to read books, but few children bought books

some parents appeal that what most children need is affordable books. They hope that the publishing house can understand the real demand of the market and launch more children's books that ordinary families can afford

according to relevant people, the price of books is generally determined by the number of printed sheets. In addition to factors such as the convenient rise of processing in prices, additional factors such as gorgeous binding, high-grade paper and gift packaging are the main reasons for the rise in the price of children's books. (Hu Xiaokun)

source: Jiande today

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