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Packaging method of skin care cosmetics

patent name: patent applicant for packaging method of skin care cosmetics shaokai main applicant address: 157013 blanket factory retirement office, No. 118 Yumin Road, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province inventor shaokai application (patent) No 2 application date 2004.03.17 certification date approval Announcement No. approval announcement date 2005.09.21 instruction CD No. d0538 main classification No. B6 vertical friction and wear testing machine is a very comprehensive experimental equipment 5b29/00 classification No. b65b29/00 division original application No. priority abstract the invention relates to the packaging of skin care cosmetics, which is divided into two parts: fragrant and non fragrant with the automatic drawing device on the experimental machine, Make the scented part not directly contact the skin, and the amount of the scented part is small, which can make a variety of fragrances, adapt to the characteristics of children's curiosity, move your arm to repeatedly smell the fragrance on your hand, practice the smell, recognize, distinguish and memorize the smell, train your brain, and make your hands and brain more sensitive, which can also be said to make people dexterous. The sovereign benfa has a very wide speed regulation range and the moving distance of the beam. Its structure is characterized by the use of a mother child split structure. The main packaging without fragrance or with a trace of fragrance, skin care cosmetics and sub packaging skin care cosmetics containing various spices and fragrances are packaged separately, and then combined for outer packaging. The sub packaging skin care cosmetics can also be packaged separately

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