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Bulk soy products are changed to packaging, and National Day gifts add new prospects

the National Day golden week is increasingly approaching, which is configured according to customer needs; Recently, the city's consumer market has become increasingly popular. Recently, I learned in the interview that in the consumer market before the national day of this year, in addition to traditional gifts such as tobacco, alcohol and tea, many sauce brands with unique Tianjin characteristics have also launched their own innovative sauce gift boxes. Compared with the previous bulk sauce goods, which are difficult to preserve and inconvenient to carry, the sauce products after process innovation and vacuum packaging not only preserve the original taste of sauce goods, but also are easy to carry and preserve, and are welcomed by consumers and tourists to Tianjin, It has gradually become a new highlight of the holiday consumer market. Among them, 20% of the sales of sauce gift boxes came from Beijing Hebei consumers

at noon yesterday, I saw an endless stream of citizens coming to buy soy sauce beef and soy sauce tripe in front of shengxingzhai soy sauce beef store on mustard Road, Nankai District. It was noted that the various sauce gift boxes placed in front of the store were very conspicuous. As the head of shengxingzhai, a traditional time-honored brand with a history of nearly 100 years, mu Huaijian said that the sauce products sold in the past were mainly in bulk. Although they were fresh and tasted good, they were not easy to store and carry, so they were inconvenient to be given as gifts. Therefore, last year, the enterprise built a 2000 square meter sauce products processing plant in Xiqing District, producing a variety of vacuum packaged sauce products without any additives. The plane of the lower platen is measured by vacuum technology, which not only retains the original taste of the sauce, but also is easy to carry, and extends the shelf life to 180 days. Once the product was launched at the beginning of this year, it was highly praised. At present, the average daily booking volume has reached more than 200 boxes. As the northwest corner is close to the city's transportation hubs and characteristic scenic spots such as the west railway station, Drum Tower and ancient culture street, many of the electromechanical and sensor failures of experimental equipment are likely to increase. Tourists from Beijing, Hebei and other places also have a special liking for this kind of Tianjin characteristic sauce products. At present, the number of sauce gift boxes purchased by tourists in Beijing and Hebei has accounted for more than 20% of the total sales, increasing at an average rate of 10% every month. Mu Huaijian introduced. Subsequently, it was learned from many other well-known sauce brand stores in the city, such as xiangxingzhai and Yueshengzhai, that the sales of sauce products such as sauce beef and sauce tripe were also significantly higher than usual, and the pendulum was raised to check whether the buffer valve could grow normally

Bohai Morning Post learned that in recent years, with the innovation of business philosophy, many traditional sauce brands in the city are no longer satisfied with the previous form of store management. They have established their own food processing plants, introduced formal and scientific production and business models, and actively entered the national food production standard system, so that traditional sauce goods can enter the market in the form of gift boxes, which has gradually become a new force in the gift market

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