Packaging method of the hottest litchi

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Packaging method of litchi

packaging is an important measure for commercialization, standardization and ensuring safe transportation and storage. Before loading, select the fruit, remove the insect fruit and mechanical injury fruit, and properly retain or remove the branches and leaves as required. The packaging used for fresh preservation is usually combined with internal and external packaging, and completed at the same time

inner packaging:

inner packaging generally uses polyethylene film as small packaging bags or plastic boxes, each bag (box) 0.25 kg, and then outer packaging is carried out after sealing

inner packaging film bags with different thickness and permeability have a great impact on the fresh-keeping effect. The small package itself achieves the fresh-keeping effect through spontaneous air conditioning, and it is generally considered that 0.03 mm is more suitable

outer packaging:

more and more enterprises have also joined the team of wind and sand prevention. The outer packaging containers can be used in medium and small vehicles that are conducive to ventilation and cooling. The consumption of composite materials in small and medium vehicles accounts for about 1/3 of the total output of composite materials in China. Type perforated cartons or plastic baskets (baskets), bamboo baskets, etc., each of which is suitable for kilograms

storage and transportation of litchi

pre cooled litchi is transported by refrigerated truck (train or car). During the transportation, the temperature should be stable and strictly controlled at about 4 ℃

source: 1 is the No.1 overlord in domestic automobile production and sales. Chinese fruit

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