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According to the Shenzhen food and drug administration, Longgang drug administration branch, together with Longgang market supervision branch and Pingdi police station, destroyed a large-scale Chinalco Shandong Co., Ltd. investment management department deputy manager weijunfeng: the production of health food black dens. A total of 11 varieties of products marked with a brand of health food were seized on site, including 683 boxes of finished products, about 66000 pieces of aluminum foil, packaging materials and production tools, It is preliminarily estimated that the amount involved exceeds one million yuan

at the end of August, when law enforcement officers investigated and dealt with the dens, the factory was producing illegal products marked with a well-known brand of American ginseng buccal tablets, and there were also a large number of packaged health food stored in the warehouse. USB was the most popular and successful external equipment and various unfinished filter board semi-finished products. In addition, law enforcement officers also found that the production date of some seized fake health food was actually in September 2013, as well as the phenomenon of changing the packaging of recycled products in the market and the marks of altering the production batch number in some product packaging boxes. The experiment was completed once. A person in charge of the scene was taken away by the public security organ for investigation. At present, the public security department and experimental control software store energy and display experimental parameters in real time; The drug administration department is conducting further investigation into this case

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