The fifth printing professional skills competition

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Shijiazhuang held the fifth printing professional skills competition

with the development of printing technology, the requirements for professional and technical personnel are becoming higher and higher. In order to increase the global renewable energy installed capacity to at least 920 GW (including 321 GW of wind power and 438 GW of photovoltaic power) in 2017 (2) and 2002, the technical level of printing professionals has been improved, the human resources have been reserved for the development of the final printing industry, and the printing level of the city has been promoted, Shijiazhuang Publishing Bureau and Printing Association jointly held the 5th printing enterprise professional skills competition in the printing industry of the city. After registration and organization, nearly 200 skilled workers were selected to participate in three competitions: prepress graphic design, text input and text proofreading. The first, second and third prizes and encouragement prizes will be awarded for each competition project, aiming to promote the importance of workers' skills and technology within the enterprise and improve the overall printing level of the city

information source: Hebei workers' daily

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