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With the continuous deepening of urban development and construction, buyers have higher and higher requirements for the decoration of new houses, and the housing decoration market is very popular. However, due to the lack of professional knowledge of decoration and decoration, most consumers often fall into the "trap" preset by some acquaintances and illegal decoration companies, and complaints about home decoration are on the rise. On December 29, the Shanxi Consumer Association issued the No. 10 consumption warning of 2013, reminding consumers to pay attention to signing standardized contracts when decorating houses and not to trust "decoration guerrillas". It can be seen that the chaos of "decoration" has become a major problem in the industry

"guerrillas" have no quality assurance decoration standards to help the development of kitchens and bathrooms

naked selling is popular in the industry, and decoration is in chaos.

with the rise in the price of raw materials, the bathroom industry has a "naked selling" trend. Many businesses only sell products without packaging and installation, and even sell single products. For example, toilet corner valve hoses are not sold together, which also provides a lot of profit space for some decoration companies. After the "golden nine silver ten" of real estate became "copper nine iron ten", in order to survive, building materials enterprises have extended their services downward and increased a single construction business, such as wall painting, flooring, bathroom decoration, etc. in house renovation, so as to seize the cake of the decoration market. At the same time, some decoration guerrillas also began to appear in front of people

decoration guerrillas have no quality assurance

it is reported that the price of bathroom products installed by "decoration guerrillas" on the street is about 60 yuan/piece, and the price of brand decoration companies is nearly doubled. Compared with the price provided by building materials merchants, it is not much worse, but they can guarantee the quality. You know, if there is a problem with the installation of these bathroom products, it will be either blocked or flooded, and then there will be big trouble, so when installing bathroom products, don't make irrational choices because of the low price

designers and companies may get rebates

in addition, during the decoration process, designers or decoration companies will earn at least 10% of the total sales price, that is to say, if customers buy 10000 yuan of ceramic tiles, they will get at least 1000 yuan of rebates. This 10% proportion is not small, so customers still depend on their own situation to see whether it is cost-effective to buy ceramic tiles by themselves or let designers and decoration companies do it on their behalf

if customers go to some brand ceramic tile bathroom sales stores to buy these products, the situation will be slightly better, because the ceramic tiles in brand stores are priced, and the prices in exclusive stores are also very transparent, so it is also a problem that consumers must pay attention to whether to buy ceramic tiles in brand sales stores or in small stores, and make the final decision by looking at the use of ceramic tiles

decoration norms help the development of the industry

the containment of these chaos requires the joint efforts of relevant departments, industries and enterprises, for which industry norms are very important. It is reported that at present, the kitchen and bathroom Engineering Committee of China Architectural Decoration Association, together with many first-line brand enterprises in the domestic real estate, decoration, kitchen and bathroom industries, has participated in the preparation of the technical specification for the integration of fine decoration kitchen space and the technical specification for the integration of fine decoration bathroom space. Insiders said that these two standards will be a great opportunity for the development of the housing industry in the future




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