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Make preparations in advance, stagger the peak period of decoration, budget carefully and pay attention to details

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the bustling Chinese year has gradually gone away from us, and a new round of decoration peak season will come. Decoration experts remind consumers that if you plan to start decorating your new house in April and may, you should start preparing now. Choose a decoration company, determine the decoration scheme, calculate the decoration cost, and select the decoration materials... No step can be sloppy. Doing these pre decoration work well in advance not only saves time, but also enables you to calmly deal with this busy and trivial project

it's not too early to start after the festival

if consumers plan to start decorating their new houses in April and may this year, it's not too early to start from now

decoration is a highly professional work. It is very necessary to supplement the knowledge of decoration two to three months before decoration. Consumers can first log in to some professional decoration website forums to understand the decoration construction procedures, the basic knowledge of various materials, the service quality of various decoration companies and the product quality of various brand building materials

after mastering the basic decoration knowledge, you should also have an in-depth understanding of your new house, measure the actual area and draw a detailed structural drawing, and then go to the neighbor's house of the same type that is being or has been decorated to understand the specific layout and the total decoration cost. For the style of the new house to be decorated, young people or middle-aged and elderly people, Chinese style, European style or simple style, clean oil, mixed oil or a combination of clean and mixed oil, we should have a general idea before choosing the decoration company

in addition, all the ideas of home decoration should be realized by craftsmen in the end. When it comes to the peak decoration season, good craftsmen are particularly popular. Therefore, if you plan to start decoration in April and may, you'd better start looking for and inspecting craftsmen in advance from now on, and make an agreement in advance

go shopping with problems

after the basic skills in the early stage are firmly established, consumers can start walking the market. First of all, consumers need to investigate many decoration companies to see whether they have business licenses and building decoration enterprise qualification certificates, see the model projects under construction and completed by the decoration companies, preliminarily communicate with designers, and compare the decoration budgets proposed by various companies

after knowing the decoration company well, it is time to start shopping in the building materials market. Consumers can take the following four questions: first, what is involved in the effect of decoration? Saving money and achieving effect is the best choice; Second, what is related to decades of use, even if you spend a lot of money, you must buy it well; Third, which famous brands are good and cheap; Fourth, which markets have the lowest and most frequent discounts? We can choose the prices of three to five kinds of goods needed in two or three markets, including building materials supermarkets and home furnishing markets, and draw a conclusion

according to the construction sequence, the materials to be investigated and determined are: water pipe materials, faucets, radiators, wires, audio cables, tiles, sanitary ware. In the preparation stage, if you like the materials, you'd better not pay the deposit easily, or agree that the deposit can be refunded, so as to avoid many unnecessary losses

besides visiting the building materials market, you also need to look at the furniture in advance. Professional designers suggest that the overall decoration style should be determined by the style of furniture. It is best to draw the furniture pattern in proportion on the floor plan of the house type, and on the site, you can draw the outline of the furniture on the ground with chalk, so that you can perceive the specific size of the furniture, and use this to determine other decoration items, such as the size of the ceiling, the position of the light port, the distance of the power socket, etc

grasp the details is the key

as the saying goes, details determine success or failure. Xue Tiezhu said that from the beginning of preparation before decoration, consumers should establish a correct concept of home decoration, know a lot of details well, and never be a "shopkeeper", leaving the problem to decoration companies and designers

first of all, the concept of size should be established, and it should be in millimeters. Ask more professionals about the commonly used dimensions of home decoration, such as how wide the aisle that can accommodate one person, how deep the closet, bookcase and shoe cabinet should be, how close the dining table should be to the wall, what the best distance between the stove and the sink should be, how high the socket and switch should be from the ground, and so on. All owners should know

for many places that can provide convenience in daily life, the owner should also consider comprehensively. For example, is there a place to sit down and change shoes in the porch, a place to put soap on the vegetable washing sink, and whether the flue check valve and the pipes in the ceiling of the toilet are easy to remove and repair

in terms of water circuit transformation, the owner should consider it more comprehensively. Where to reserve k> Socket, where do I need to reserve k> Switch, where to reserve cold and hot water outlets and other issues, the decoration company will only construct according to the requirements of the owner, not design for the owner. Therefore, it is recommended that consumers first determine the location of Tal toilet, wash basin, shower room, water heater, furniture and household appliances on the drawing, and then carry out the reconstruction of water circuit




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