Development of flexographic printing in Poland 1

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Development of flexographic printing in Poland 1

flexographic printing has been successful and developed steadily for several years in Poland. Flexographic printing is becoming more and more popular in the field of printing and packaging, and flexographic printing is becoming popular in Poland

nowadays, flexographic printing in Poland has become diversified and has been extended to the fields of flexible packaging, labels, folding cartons, disposable products, permanent products and so on. The increasing diversity of packaging in Poland and sometimes the continuous improvement of finished products and product quality have attracted packaging and printing orders from other countries. Foreign flexographic printing customers in Poland include eastern and Western companies, such as CocaCola, McCain, masterfoods, Nestle, Pepsi Cola and Proctor & Gamble. Flexographic printing is suitable for printing on various substrates, including plastic film and aluminum foil. In order to meet the printing requirements of the west, the satellite flexographic press has reached 8 color groups. Advanced technology and exquisite skills are important factors for Poland to achieve such good results. In Poland, flexographic technology training includes all levels, from Chairman and manager to designer and printer

in Poland, the sales department invests in knowledge by participating in meetings, such as the flexo conference organized by plfta (Polish flexo Technology Association). At the meeting, plfta invited some experienced speakers (many of them are from equipment manufacturing companies) to give a report, and they passed on valuable experience and knowledge to the participants. Plfta has held such meetings for six years. Plfta is a non-profit organization that organizes flexographic printing companies together, creates an activity place for people engaged in flexographic printing in Poland to actively exchange information, and is making efforts to improve the level of flexographic printing technology in Poland

the flexographic printing equipment in Poland mainly comes from the West. The European Community encourages foreign manufacturers to come to Poland to produce flexographic printing equipment, accessories or raw materials

new technology promotes the development of flexographic printing

in order to obtain more customer orders with excellent printing quality and reasonable price in today's fierce market competition, many printing enterprises in Poland have invested in advanced printing equipment (including gearless printing press) and peripheral equipment (such as UV technology). New investments include:

photosensitive resin plate equipment, CTP technology, seamless printing plate, seamless sleeve, ceramic roller, automatic registration system, ink dispersion system, video system and measurement equipment. Many printing plants have now begun to implement audit procedures and obtained ISO quality certification. Some printing plants have even obtained HACCP certification, and some are gradually obtaining certification

although some printing enterprises have invested in prepress equipment or are considering investment, the sales department continues to play a very important role in the prepress market. With the continuous progress of plate making technology and the gradual increase of digital plate making, good equipment with CTP technology can realize multi-color and large-scale printing with

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the wide application of Internet simplifies and accelerates the production process. Customers can place orders, exchange information and track the current working position through Internet. Designers, customers, production departments, sales departments and printing plants can transmit pictures and clear samples through Internet, which greatly shortens the time

Education and bonus

so many advantages of flexographic printing have not been fully recognized by customers. Plfta set up the highest award of flexographic printing technology in 2003. How to select Prix for grand sling tension testing machine is to give flexographic printing enterprises an opportunity to improve their product quality. The flexographic printing technology of many printing enterprises in Poland has reached a fairly high level and won more awards than other European and American countries. If a good printing method can be replaced by another printing method, this printing method will win an award. Some printing enterprises used to use other printing methods instead of flexo printing, but now they have seen the benefits of flexo printing and plan to invest in flexo printing

in 2003, the development of Polish flexographic printing was valued by 15 new members of Flexographic Printing Technology Association, and 72 members of the association accounted for almost 30% of the Polish flexographic printing market. Flexographic printing is still a printing method with great development potential, because many printing enterprises still fail to fully master flexographic technology. In Poland, the establishment of a professional flexographic Technology Vocational center equipped with printing and prepress workshops is one of the main objectives of plfta. Many educational materials in Polish (textbooks, manuals, magazines, pages) are included in this flexographic technology career

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