G-corrugated board is developing rapidly

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G-corrugated board is developing rapidly

in recent years, ultra-thin corrugated board has quietly occupied more and more corrugated board packaging materials market, among which the development of g-corrugated board is more remarkable

ultra thin corrugated board includes G-shaped corrugated board, E-shaped corrugated board and F-shaped corrugated board. Because they have corrugated board and cardboard. 4. Accounting of page importance: the better physical characteristics of cardboard and the dual effect of printing quality have the momentum of gradually replacing cardboard, such as package box, detergent box, face paper box, sanitary product box, frozen food box and heavy industrial box. G-leng is one of the best. Experts predict that it will replace 10% of the cardboard Market in five years. Nowadays, it has become a fact that most of the market of e-corrugated paper bonded by color printing gives way to g-corrugated paper

compared with cardboard, the advantages of g-corrugated board are: high strength; There is room for price reduction; In some countries, such as Japan, there is no charge for recycling

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